Navin Mayani, 32

To be honest I love January because it’s a great opportunity to gear up for the year ahead. But if those positive shenanigans don’t work, an avocado toast and a detox smoothie from Supernatural always makes me a happy man!


Zoe Stagnetto, 31
Optometrist at the GHA.

How do I beat the blues? Stop over eating!
And try to start exercising regularly again.




Nora Brown, 62
Retired Nurse and Volunteer.

It gives me pleasure to buy some things in the January sales, and I take down the decorations on the 6th. I get a lift from going to the beach or countryside – this brushes away all the Christmas stress. Most of all, a daily routine and granting myself permission to relax.


Dulcie Edwards, 31
Teacher at Bayside School.

I go out for walks in nature with my dog, Hendrix!




Chris Harris, 29
Founder of ProYou.app.

I don’t think I experience those to be honest, January’s cool! But if anything, by appreciating all the time in the year remaining to learn, do,
and become.



Conchita Triay, 63
Retired teacher. Active in GMWS and ESG.

I don’t normally get the January blues, but if I did, I’d choose to go for a walk in the countryside.