Thomas Johnson, 27
Operations manager at WaveCrest
Any resolution involving fitness. I am astonishingly lazy most of the time, and anything with a low effort-to-reward ratio never keeps my attention for long. Take fitness apps, the real challenge to me is to go through the day with the least amount steps, not the most!


Justin Bautista, 27
Designer and Mama Lotties Foodie Writer
Honestly, I find most of my resolutions hard to keep, I think I set them too vague at times and get distracted along the way. My hardest resolution to keep however is to travel solo. I’m envious of those that have the drive and will to travel far on their own and experience the world. Time to get out there and see new things!


Davina Barbara, 40
Broadcast Journalist at GBC
I try and make realistic resolutions, but I also try and challenge myself and have fun with them. And that’s the secret to success!



Cora Anne Ramirez, 23
Stylist at Mayfair on Main
One of my hardest resolutions would be to let my hair grow long and keep it as healthy as I possibly can, but I find it really hard as I like to change very often and try new hairstyles and colours. Being a hairstylist makes it even harder for me; seeing all the amazing
colours such as pink, blue, purple and grey influences me!


Michèle Portelli
Property Manager at Chestertons
Every January I tidy up my sock drawer and roll up all my tights and into a neat ball; socks and tights lie neatly alongside each other. Then after a week they all get mixed up again. This is very frustrating as it takes me ages to find a matching pair.



Robin Batchelor, 27
The Health Store
I don’t usually ever make resolutions as the only ones I’d keep are ones that aren’t that important and shouldn’t be a resolution. If I want to change something, I just do it, I don’t wait for the new year. However, this year I have decided to make one! My
resolution is to be kinder to people… lame, I know!


Zane Manasco, 39
Creativepreneur at Epic Brands
Waking up at 6 to go to gym. That goes out the window by mid-January.




Mark Rodríguez, 22
Consumer of planets (Receptionist during the weekdays) at Gib Ink
Dieting. I really love a mixed grill with cocktail sauce and a Sun Cola. Maybe one day I’ll try, but for now I’ll stick to my mixed grill with cocktail sauce and a Sun Cola.