Amy Wink, 12
For me it’s Bieber!!! It has to be Justin! He’s just so great. He’s good-looking, talented and I think there’s a lot of other people would love to see him live. Being a dancer, I love music; I can dance to my favourite remix of Despacito featuring Bieber though I’m really into his album ‘Purpose” at the moment. It would be quite nice if he wanted to live here for a while too!


Kiryn Farrelly, 11
Senior School Student
I think it’d be great to see the Canadian rapper, Drake. I like all his songs and also the ones he does with Nikki Minaj. They are fast-paced and energetic which would get everyone moving. His style and technique really appeals to me as I’d love to be a rapper myself. I’m always singing his songs whether they are being played or not, makes me feel great.


Emily David, 20
I choose Eminem. Having been through a lot over the past few years, I find that his lyrics strike a chord with me. He’s the fastest rapper in the world with a huge fan base, he’s the best. Lyrics mean something to him, he understands and would bring something exciting to the Rock. I have two favourite songs; “Lose Yourself” and “Best Friends” with Yelawolf.


Dan Judson, 26
Radio Presenter
It’ll come as no shock to people who know me that my choice has to be a true 80s classic – Erasure. With their distinctive sound and so many great hits, they are easily identifiable within the first few bars. Andy Bell and Vince Clarke would, without a doubt, put on a show hard to beat… and those who are aren’t convinced I’m right would soon be converted and happily dance the night away.


Rosemary Ruiz, definitely more than 25
Owner Candy Cloud Pick and Mix Sweet Shop, 6C Cornwall’s Centre
I would love to see any R‘n’B/soul singer from the 80s but especially George Benson. Just hearing this music genre immediately takes me back to happier times when I used to go out dancing and socializing with friends and family. I can honestly say there’s not one of his songs that I could pick out as a favourite, each piece means something to me.


Phill Stott, 55
Driver at The Beacon Press
For me, because they’re such a fantastic band to see live, it would be the English rock band, James. I can’t pick a favourite song because they’re all so good. They’ve been around, off and on, since the 80s in one form or another, yet still deliver at every performance. They’re great showmen, with great voices so for me, they’d be a great addition to any festival line-up.


Lizette Zweig, over 21!
CEO Costa Admin Solutions
I don’t even have to give this any thought, it would be Adam Levine from Maroon 5 singing my fav song “Animals”. If you’ve not heard it, you should stop what you’re doing and listen to it now! Apart from being extremely exhilarating and entertaining, most people know the songs and would have a great time singing along. I would really love to get up close and personal with him!


Edwardo Ojeda, 25
Manager at Music Corner
For me, and I suspect for a large number of people, it would be the man behind 24k Magic, Mr Bruno Mars. How incredible would it be to see him here! He’s an international star with a unique style, yet always manages to find a new way to entertain his fans. His show would be second to none, with his talent, stage presence and appreciation for his fans making him THE perfect artist.

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