hello there – WHY BE A PART OF MOVEMBER?


Krissane Orciel, 29the_gibraltar_magazine_november_2016-web_page_018_image_0005
Hassans Company Manager
Movember means raising awareness for men’s health and I think this is really important. Things are moving forward with improved research into all types of cancers and excellent campaigns like this one.




Andrew Pons, 52
I think it’s important to take part in Movember because it is a way of supporting a worthy cause that affects everybody. This year, I will make an effort and grow a moustache in memory of my late sister.


Anita Trafford, 50the_gibraltar_magazine_november_2016-web_page_018_image_0003
Bar Manager at Cyberworld
Unfortunately, it also doubles up as an excuse for men not to shave. I don’t like it because it is prickly. I would rather they did something else to raise money. Grow hair on your head, not on your face.



the_gibraltar_magazine_november_2016-web_page_019_image_0001Pedro Manuel, 31
Tattoo Artist at Gib Ink Tattoos
It is important for men not to let their health problems get too serious before they visit a doctor. I myself am a little like this in that I only get a check-up if I’m feeling very unwell. I guess there is a little bit of a stigma on men’s health, but there shouldn’t be.


Carmen, 42the_gibraltar_magazine_november_2016-web_page_018_image_0004
Store manager
I think it’s nice to see men grow their moustache for a good cause. It is quite a sight to see all these men come to my shop with their interesting ‘tashes’. Every little helps and it is great to see this kind of unity in Gibraltar when raising money for charities.


the_gibraltar_magazine_november_2016-web_page_019_image_0003Krishna Sachanandani, 24
Animator at Wright Tech Media
It’s obviously a great cause, but the best part is growing a funky moustache. I always do something creative when this time of year rolls around. It’s best to prepare a couple months in advance to do it well. Having said all this, it is a big relief at the end when you can finally shave it off.


Jenna Penfold, 29the_gibraltar_magazine_november_2016-web_page_018_image_0002
Customer Service rep at Gibtelecom
I skydived in June to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia. I have family history in both these things, so I felt it important to support the cause. Many of my relatives were shocked that I had decided to jump out of a plane for this, but it was totally worth it.



Mark Rodriguez, 20
Receptionist at Gib Ink Tattoos
I’m always wearing a moustache, so in some ways Movember is every day for me. But, all jokes aside, I think that is it crucial to have these campaigns and if you can show your support in any way possible, it is a good thing.