Mark Anthony Emmett, 7the_gibraltar_magazine_december_2016_page_018_image_0002
St Mary’s First School
I love Santa and that he can get me the toys on my list, but I know I have to be a good boy, so I’ve made sure that I do well in school and show my love to my family. I love my mummy and my family one-hundred and infinity thousand times.



Dakota, 20
Interior designer
It makes me happy to see the magic of Christmas reflected on the kids. It’s probably the most exciting time of year for them and it can be contagious. It makes me nostalgic about my own childhood which is nice.


Jay Callejon, 38the_gibraltar_magazine_december_2016_page_018_image_0004
Entrepreneur/ musician
The food, the toys and, most importantly, the milk and cookies are what it’s all about. I’m on a part-time contract with Santa and I end up having the cookies and milk while he busily prepares the toys. It’s a healthy arrangement I made with him.



Joanne Gonzalez, 30
Full-time mummy
Believing in Santa is the magical thing about Christmas, maybe a little less for adults, but certainly for kids. Of course I believe in Santa and we need to leave cookies, some milk and a carrot for Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Daniel Adamberry, 43the_gibraltar_magazine_december_2016_page_018_image_0003
Sales consultant
The most important message during Christmas is sharing and it becomes quite magical during the festive season. People make each other feel better and come Christmas, members of the family gather together and make something special which is reflected in the whole community.



Eli Morente, 35
Shop assistant at Don Gold
The most magical thing about Christmas for me is the family togetherness that occurs. But let’s not forget all the lovely sweets that appear around the house. Chocolate and turrón are my two favourite treats and what satisfy me the most.

Alan Gonzalez, 31the_gibraltar_magazine_december_2016_page_018_image_0001
Site Officer in the Upper Rock
Spending time with the family is the most important thing and what makes Christmas magical for me. It’s my son’s second Christmas and to see the joy in his eyes when opening presents and being with family is all I can ask for.



Lali, 52
Head of HR at Wave Crest Holdings
I like the idea that everyone turns their own house into a little grotto and it just looks magical. You walk down the street and there is excitement in the air with all the Christmas lights on and the decorations around the high street.

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