Anna Kolesnik, 31
Freelance Traveller
When you live away from your family home, Christmas becomes particularly special. It means going back to where you used to live, reminisce and spend one week of the year with your family and old friends. The most important tradition though is watching ‘Home Alone’ for the umpteenth time with my sis…


Lindi-an Smith, 26
GCSE Tutor at Little English
Although it isn’t quite my favourite time of the year, spending lots of time with friends and family is definitely the best part about Christmas for me. This year I’ll be travelling back to the UK just in time for the festivities. I’m looking forward to delivering presents and sampling relatives’ mince pies, Christmas cakes, and mulled wine!


Sarah Adamson, 40
Sales Assistant, Jewellery Centre
Christmas dinner. The sweet varies… I’m not very traditional with it, I don’t like Christmas pudding. Anything’s okay on Christmas day – even banoffee pie! My husband and I moved over from Scotland two years ago, so this Christmas the thing I’ll love most will be having my mum come and visit Gibraltar for the first time!


Mario Sampere, 54
Gibraltar Electricity Authority
Everything. The lights in the streets, the ambience, the food! My favourite Christmas food? Also everything! My family usually go out to eat. Instead of doing it at home we book a place and we all go there. It’s our tradition.


Malena Pérez Jiménez, 24

Sales Assistant at Newton Store
I have never been a Christmas kind of person, but in the last few years I’ve been experiencing the whole of it; the food, family gatherings, the little markets, basically all the activities I refused to do at this time of the year! It has become something I get excited about and I’ve grown to love it. I would say is all thanks to the fact that I spend most of my time in Gibraltar, where all my friends and family have welcomed me and introduced me to the best parts of this holiday.


Hannah Brookes, 30
Director at Lash Retreat
The best bit of Christmas for me is my closest valued humans are all on their jollies together and build up starts together towards the New Year! I have something called ‘January Joy’ that I share because I view it as a fresh start and new beginnings with lots of opportunity.


Jeremy Clifton-Psaila, 28
Pensions Assistant at Fiduciary Management Ltd
The sense of community and families coming together. The various Christmas parties and family reunions are always a highlight over the festive season. The atmosphere in town on the lead up to the big day is also something I really enjoy. My colleague’s incessant carol singing in the office, however…


Miroslaw Kolkowski, 35
Sky Restaurant and Bar Manager at Sunborn Gibraltar
Hearing ‘Wham Last Christmas’ – It reminds me of when I was a child sitting with whole my family at home, waiting for the first star in the sky to sit down to the Christmas dinner. In our Polish tradition, this song was always played on the 24th December very often on the radio, T.V., and it just reminds me of the very warm, homey, Christmas atmosphere.

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