Daniel Ghio, 28
Account Manager at Continent 8
An accessory that records your dreams at night. They get saved to your smartphone and can be played back as a video. There are way too many times when I wake up from a dream and I end up forgetting it shortly after. Dreams sometimes bring inspiration and ideas and it’s also a place where you “see” and chat to relatives or friends who have passed away.


Kimberly Bacarisa, 32
Senior Company Administrator at IFM Limited
I would love to have some sort of searching contraption. It could find my lost keys, books, remote control, help with searching and finding the forever lost objects such as shoes or favourite t-shirts my kids seem to never be able to locate – sort of like Google but for the physical world. That would free my time up immensely!


Fabian Valerga, 49
Logistics Manager at Redwood International
A bionic crop seed to grow with the sun instead of water. We could plant it throughout Africa to abolish hunger and poverty for eternity.




Vanessa Garcia, 24
Student Advisor at Oxford Learning College
A collar for dogs that can monitor their hormones, feelings and blood pressure. All connected to a phone app.




Albert Pizarello, 50
Technical support manager at BSG Computer Systems
A small chip implanted into our palms that can read and act on information by anything we touch. No need for keys as hand readers on every door let you open them when you grab the handle. Your mouse logs you in when it senses your unique chip, no more passwords. You shake hands with someone, both your chips send the other person’s contact details to your phones…


Helen Reilly, 54
Sales and Marketing at The Gibraltar Magazine
A gadget to determine what you want to/should eat, using a series of questions based on lifestyle, dietary requirements and recent meals plus a built-in scanner to determine any deficiencies. It would provide the recipe, shop online for ingredients, or simply order a take-away. This would end the “I want something to eat but I don’t know what!” quandary…


Mark Cheeswright, 32
Team Leader at Sunny Walker Society
A machine that can create any food of your choice by building the food from atoms. Like a microwave but for anything you want!




Sofia Lauren Zammit, 4.5
Reception at Governor’s Meadow First School
A machine that would turn all my toys to real life! I would always have a friend to play with at home and I would never get bored.


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