Richard de la Rosa, 18
A-level Student
For me, the concept is quite scary. I can’t really imagine having to use a card for everything. There’s also the issue of what happens if you lose your card? I also enjoy getting cash gifts for birthday and Christmas so it wouldn’t feel quite the same being told an amount has been transferred to my account. Budgeting would also be an even bigger challenge.


Zoe Radley, 49
Retail Business Owner, All Wrapped Up, Main Street
I’m all for it because I am that annoying person at the till scrabbling for that elusive 5p at the bottom of my bag. As a small business owner, any advancement that makes transactions more convenient is a plus. On a larger scale, cashless transactions are traceable which can help to prevent money laundering, fraud, tax evasions and terrorist funding—all good. However, it would be a sad day for the Tooth Fairy!


Daniel De La Heras, 12
Middle School Student
I think a cashless society is more sophisticated and it’s inevitable.




Sarah Reilly, 19
Uni Student
I really don’t like the idea as I much prefer cash. As a student, knowing what I have in a physical form means I think twice about what I will buy. If you’re just using a card, it’s so much easier to spend without thought and no matter how good your intentions, you will forget to check your account. However, sadly, it is the direction the world is moving in.


Chandru, 66
Manager M. Marquez & Co Ltd
A cash free world is the future and inevitable. This, however, can only be achieved as long as there are guidelines in place, spending controls and limits and security. As long as the right measures are taken, it can also guard against fraud on a small and large scale.



Lauren Linares, 23
On one hand, it can be quite convenient in certain cases, such as if I’m in a rush and I don’t have time to go to the ATM, or if some people don’t feel that it’s safe carrying around cash. On the other hand, it can be quite dangerous because of how easy it is to use a contactless debit card. If your card gets stolen then it’s accessible to anyone. Also, there is technology available nowadays which makes it so easy to steal money from contactless cards.


Colin Hughes, 58
Fork Truck Driver
It’s an interesting concept though it won’t happen in my lifetime. I think without careful planning and strategies, it is open to abuse as buying without thought will be so much easier.



Louise Bruzon, 46
Personally, I’m not ready for one yet! I’m happy to use online banking too but to be cashless completely… no, I like having real money in my purse and my son is happy to receive pocket money.

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