Niclas Oft, 19
Apprentice Sylist at Mayfair On Main
I’ve been lucky enough to have been to the best wedding venue ever: Ronda Mountain Resort. Surrounded by nature with the view of the mountains, it’s breathtaking. The villa itself is stunning and reminded me of a mafia mansion. There is a white horse roaming free throughout the event, there’s also an infinity pool, and at sunset, the view is so amazing, photos cannot capture the magic.


Tina Novik, 56
Adult Education Teacher
I honestly think that Gibraltar is the perfect venue as it can offer any sort of ceremony that is desired. There’s the great weather, fab views and whatever sort of event happy couple decide on can be catered for; whether it’s the more traditional and formal or something relaxed informal; indoors or outdoors. Plus it can be arranged quickly. Guests that come here are in for a treat with so much history and so many places of interest to visit.


Walacy Ferreira, 29
Group Sales & Marketing Manager at Ocean Health Club
A wedding venue that cannot be beaten for its location and beauty is Fernando de Noronha off the coast of Brazil. The whole area is stunning with so much beauty and nature it’s perfect for the perfect day. Not only can you get married, you can also have your honeymoon there; swim with turtles, walk along the beach etc. It is very exclusive as they limit the numbers to avoid disturbing the ecosystem but as long as you book in advance, you can make the occasion as basic or as indulgent as you wish.


Millie Smith, 9
Junior School
The best place for a wedding would be a waterpark. There’s just so much to do no one would get bored, everyone could stay cool and not get too hot and sticky. The parks are quite big so you could have as many people as you wanted plus you wouldn’t have to buy a whole new outfit and dress, just swimwear.


Deepak Ramchandani, 49
Manager Mac Cosmetics at S.M. Serruya
The best venue for a wedding would be the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Already synonymous for engagements and romance, it makes perfect sense to have a wedding there. Getting married with such a fabulous backdrop would make everyone feel magical. To complete the romance, you would be whisked away to the reception by a hot air balloon!


Cheryl Escott, more than 20!
Procurement Exec at Ladbrokes Coral
As a hopeless and total romantic, I’d say the best wedding venue has to be a castle – to be a princess for the day. For a summer wedding, it would be somewhere like Loch Ness in Scotland where you’re very close to greenery, flowers and nature. For a winter wedding, somewhere colder, where the Aurora Borealis lights up the sky and make the whole day magical.


John Fisher, 47
I’m getting married in September in the best place, Gibraltar. Getting married at home means you’re surrounded by friends and family in a fabulous location, what more could anyone ask? Our wedding will be at the registry office and then onto Bruno’s and the Sunborn. Viva Las Vegas for our honeymoon!


Jenny Looms, 40s
Director at SHOE Ltd
The best venue would be somewhere that offered a low key event which was quaint, relaxed, intimate and fun – something on the lines of an English country pub and garden. In this sort of environment, you could have close friends and family sharing good pub grub, great beers and ideally, Ed Sheeran would be the wedding singer. I could see him really enjoying himself too!

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