Alfie Matthew Fox, 8
Student at St Bernard’s and avid (and great) footballer!
I’ve got two favourites – a tank and a helicopter. I already sort of know how to drive them because of the computer game I play. I’m quite good already because it’s what I do when I finish my football training. I think that learning to fly a real helicopter would be great because you’d be able to fly over the border queue and driving a real tank would mean you wouldn’t have any parking issues, because, let’s be honest, you could park anywhere!


Sharon Garcia, over 28, just!
Proprietor at Piece of Cake
When you mentioned travel, my mind took off in a completely different direction. Rather than traditional and non-traditional methods, I have to go with time travel. If only I could do this, I would love to tell my younger self that all those baking hours, all-nighters and hard work l put in, would one day pay off! It would have certainly made the blind faith I had less painful!


Javan Pincho, 25
Junior Hairstylist at Classic Cuts
Think Britney Spears’ Toxic meets the Ghost Rider and you have pretty much my ideal mode of travel! But not just any sort of motorbike, nothing less than a Harley Davidson in black (to match my black leathers) will do. With the distinctive sound of such classic motorbike and flames, the open road would be mine for the taking plus, of course, the admiring looks I’d get, would mirror the attention I deserve! I should mention that someone else would be doing the actual driving – I’ll just be faaabulous riding pillion on the back.


Charlotte Leslie, 29
Sales and Marketing at Reshape and Rumble
My favourite way to travel is on my bicycle. Not only do I get from A to B (and C and D too!), it also allows me to be environmentally-friendly and fit in a cardio session. I would love one day to cycle to Tarifa and back.



Walter Hodgson, 76
Retired teacher/ Entrepreneur/Assistant Squirrel Collectables
I admit I am a van man because I’ve always been a fairly practical person. I’ve never been frivolous so my rather ideal mode of transport has to be one that provides benefits to the family and the business, speed is not of the essence. I’ve owned a few vans in my time and being totally honest, at the moment, I am a white van man!


Heather MacGregor, 56
Joint CEO / Stall Holder at Serendipity Stitches, Ocean Village
With total freedom, fun and no licence required, I feel that a magic carpet would be ideal. With every journey turned into something magical and not having to think of parking, to me it would be a dream come true. Think purple, intricate designs, and if it comes with a magic lamp, all the better!


William Finlayson, 50
GHA and Angel Nails Hair and Beauty Salon
I already possess the best way to travel – my grey 125cc bike. I couldn’t survive without “Him” (yes, it’s a he) especially here in Gibraltar and popping over the border for supplies. For six years, he’s been my everyday transport, my workhorse, my friend – though he wasn’t happy when I put diesel in!!! I’ve made it up to him a little though as he now has his own personal parking area.


Olwyn Forster, 80
I’ve always loved living by the sea so my choice would be boats because I love them! I’d love to go anywhere and everywhere. From cruise liners to yachts to harbour trips, the sense of freedom is provides, lightens the spirit in a heartbeat. If I were a couple of years younger, I’d certainly think about learning to sail or pilot a craft.

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