Sarah Miles, 31
Solicitor at ISOLAS
The well-known fairy tales do not really inspire me. The best love story is the one you create yourself, using simple ingredients that bring you joy. Being happy with what you have on a day-to-day basis and being able to share your thoughts with someone by your side who makes you tick, puts a smile on your face and gives good hugs, is essential.


Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga, 27
Marketing Manager at WOPA Stamps
The two love stories in Italian cinema classics La Vita è Bella and Il Postino. They are both stories of strong perseverance and Italian poetic charm. Two men, both very different, but going after similarly unattainable characters in two different settings, one in Arezzo, on the mainland, another on a Mediterranean island off the coast. It’s interesting to see the similarities and the differences in both stories.


Zuzanna Marecka, 43
Production Manager at Gibraltar Productions
My favourite love story is the tale of Rapunzel. Blind Prince wandered through the wastelands of the country, hopeless and sad, until he met his Princess. When they met and fell into each other’s arms, her tears restored his sight. There is no better story about empathy and the healing power of love.


Tomasz Zakrzewicz, 33
Bicycle Mechanic at Cycle Centre Gibraltar
For me, the movie The Illusionist shows the most interesting love story. For two people in love, there are no obstacles, no social standing, no passage of time. It shows it’s possible to break all the rules just to be together forever.



Priya Gulraj, 32
Reporter at Your Gibraltar TV
I grew up watching Bollywood and one of my favourite love stories has always been Kuch Kuch Hota Hai which focused on the idea of love starting with friendship.




Joey Imossi, 47
Director at Fiduciary Group
When asked if I would contribute to February’s question, I responded with, “As you wish” because there is one love story that comes quickly to my mind… The Princess Bride, all of the ingredients of a true love story, pirates, poison, giants, revenge, laughter, joy, loss, reward and of course, most importantly, a happy end with a loving kiss!


Talia Sanchez, 6
Saint Paul’s School, Year 1
The Little Mermaid is the best love story because she is a mermaid princess who meets a human prince and she has to choose between living in the sea as a mermaid with her family or becoming a human to marry her prince. She chooses him and they live happily ever after.



Gino Sanguinetti, 59
Curator at Gibraltar Cultural Services
Tristan and Isolde: Love is about abandonment of the self for the other. Difficult these days to make the “other one” and the self happy!