By Romina Mayani Nankani, CYE-CYL

We often get so caught up with life that we seem to overlook so much that goes on around us, including the people who contribute to making this world a better place, each in different ways.  One of the many people whose dedication and perseverance has always amazed me is Namarta Gulraj. Have a read… you will definitely be intrigued!

Namarta comes from an entrepreneurial background and believed that one can be anything one wishes to be. And how things transpired for her, makes you think about how life is full of surprises.

“From the age of four I knew I wanted to be a doctor. I was fascinated by the medical world and the prospect of helping people. It was a definite goal, up until my GCSE’s where I struggled with dissecting in Biology. This really disheartened me! Instead I embarked on a career as a Speech and Language Therapist, specialising in Acquired Neurological Disorders.”

And then, low and behold, life took her on another road.

“I met Les Flitcroft in 2014.  Les is Director of the Institute for Pranic Healing UK & Ireland, Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol. I was drawn to his workshop following a nasty fall resulting in a tailbone injury. I could not believe it when after merely one healing session; I could not feel any pain. And this coming from a skeptic at the time! I was intrigued! I went on to learn more on what Pranic Healing was all about only to discover how it worked with energy in treating physical, emotional and mental health issues.”

“I took many courses, retook them and saw how amazing the results were. As I began treating people with various conditions, including psychological issues, I was in awe of what seemed like miraculous results. Being service-driven from a young age, Pranic Healing has now become my purpose, helping people overcome and work through anything they were struggling with.”

I asked her, how has it helped her to live her life differently?

“Pranic Healing is not only about healing others but also transforming your own self. I believe whatever comes to you is what you are radiating. Like a boomerang effect! Once I realised everything was energy, I made changes to my daily life. I wake up feeling gratitude and not getting irritated by the tasks of the day. With tools and techniques taught at Pranic Healing, you begin to change the energy from within. Everyone has the ability to do so.”

Namarta is an instructor for the Institute of Pranic Healing Gibraltar and Costa Del Sol. She will be facilitating a 2-day Self Development Pranic Healing Level 1 Course on 3rd and 4th March 2020. For more info please contact Namarta on 58009578, or email: [email protected]

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