HC Marbella expands its services with a new Medical Imaging Centre

Dr. Luis Hidalgo, Medical Director at HC Marbella.

* New imaging techniques in the healthcare field have become an essential part of medical care, facilitating early detection, rapid diagnosis and monitoring of disease.


* To comply with their commitment to innovation and precision medicine, and following the strictest standards in this field, HC Marbella international Hospital has now opened its new Medical Imaging Centre, with far-reaching objectives.



The new unit will now drive and expand the diagnostic capacity of HC Marbella International Hospital.


Located underneath the hospital garden, and covering an area of 700 square metres, the new Medical Imaging Centre is expanding the portfolio of the centre’s radiology department providing:


– 64 slice CT (computerised axial tomography).
– PET (positron emission tomography).
– 3T MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).
– Tomosynthesis and stereotaxis.
– Conventional X-rays for interventional radiology and vascular studies (of arteries and veins).


The new Medical Imaging Centre has enabled the hospital to expand its diagnostic capacity, both for patients treated there as well as those referred from other doctors and medical centres.


Advantages of the HC Medical Imaging Centre.


● It brings together state-of-the-art imaging technology, and advanced clinical experience, under one roof.
● It enables the organisation of different investigations, individually tailored for each condition.
● It encourages meetings between the various medical teams, allowing smooth and quick decision making.


Benefits for the patient.


– Reduction in waiting time for an appointment.
– More comprehensive care, with a personalised programme.
– Greater speed, saving time wasted moving from one appointment and/or consultation to another.
– Provision of a warm and relaxing atmosphere making it more comfortable and convenient for each patient.
– Privacy and confidentiality guaranteed.


What makes HC Marbella International Hospital stand out:


Their objective is to adapt, individually, to the particular medical history of each patient. With the inauguration of the new centre in November, the potential provided by the facilities, as well as their highly-qualified staff, will allow them to respond to the specific needs of each patient, as well as of those patients referred by other centres.


Their experienced clinicians, in conjunction with state-of-the-art technology, will enable them to provide a wide range of diagnostic services and imaging treatments for each patient, and to select the best pathway to reach a diagnosis as well as the most appropriate treatment for each individual.


This approach is especially beneficial for Medical Oncology patients, an area in which their hospital has a long, and proven, track record. Nowadays, imaging is increasingly used in oncology, it is not always easy to prioritise the tests or investigations required. The new Medical Imaging Centre will help them to develop specific investigations and pathways for each type of cancer, adapted to the selected treatment and diagnostic approach.


They also intend to develop other fields of medicine including Cardiology (with non-interventional investigations, such as cardiac MRI, and interventions such as coronary angiography, pacemaker implantation…), Neurology (diagnosis and treatment of degenerative diseases, tumours and vascular pathology), as well as areas such as health screening and preventative medicine, where their experience, the centre’s framework and the environment, set them apart from the rest.


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