GUEST CODE – What to wear to a wedding…


Chances are that your summer is jam-packed with a variety of functions; weddings, engagement parties, baby showers and hen dos, especially if you are in your twenties or thirties. I don’t know where the time has gone, but I now find myself situated very firmly in that age range where those invites are flying my way. And if you are into your forties, fifties or sixties, you are probably attending your friends’ kids’ weddings and your friends’ 25th wedding anniversary parties! Either way, summer (especially in Gibraltar) is the season for weddings and dressy events. Everyone is getting Catherine Gross as their photographer because she just knows where and when to get the perfect shots at a wedding.

As soon as wedding season begins to approach, the anxiety starts to kick in. For someone who is most comfortable wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a casual t-shirt, as I am sure many of you are, finding the perfect wedding guest outfit can become a little daunting and tedious, especially when there are numerous within the space of a few months. You can give me all the notice in the world, but for some reason, last minute panic shopping always seems like the way to go! In addition to this, if you are like me and struggling to get a grasp on your already limited finances, the inevitably expensive nature of the wedding-attending-world can bring about another set of challenges. Finding the perfect dress, not to mention matching shoes and accessories – and if you are being an extra committed guest and having your hair done too – there are no two ways about it; being a guest can be a drain on your bank balance.

Some of you will probably have several weddings to attend this summer, and most of them I’m sure involving a similar crowd, which means you can’t be a repeat offender! Well you can, but social norms dictate that we absolutely cannot. God forbid! But you really don’t need to break the bank to find the perfect guest dress(es). There are so many affordable and gorgeous styles dominating the high street this season. And more expensive ones, of course, if that’s your vibe!

This year, I’m a bridesmaid (winning!) so I have the luxury of sitting back and browsing through wedding guest outfits without so much as a hint of panic! But for those of you who actually need to choose your own outfits, I’ve compiled an entire selection of ideas below to suit all budgets and styles!

Wiggle Dress With Cold Shoulder
Botanico Print Maxi Dress
coast £139

A different neckline

I love nothing more than an elegant high neckline, but this summer, I have to say, I’ve been absolutely loving the sexy Bardot styles I’ve been seeing everywhere, especially when they involve ruffles; one of this season’s hottest trends it seems!

Cold shoulder detailing has taken the high-street by storm this year; a style I wouldn’t normally have considered wearing to a wedding, but after seeing some incredible pieces online, I’m a convert and new fan!

Suit it up

I honestly wish I had the coolness and confidence to wear a snappy suit to a wedding one day, but unfortunately, I’m not Cara Delevingne, and I’m really not sure if I could pull it off. If you can, hats off to you! I think the closest I’ll ever get to that is a jumpsuit; another fantastic style that I think many people have started warming to over the past couple of years!

In a similar vein, why not consider mixing and matching gorgeous separates? Maybe some sleek satin trousers and a delicate embellished crop with a funky pair of heels. This allows more room for individuality, as well as a larger selection of unique pieces; not to mention the minimal chances of someone else rocking up with the same outfit!

Jumpsuit with Lace Bodice and Contrast Satin Trouser
ASOS £50
Satin Peg Trousers with Split Hem and Belt
ASOS £19,50
Felicity Embellished Top
coast £49
Jarlo Tall All Over Lace Bandeau Maxi Dress
ASOS £69
Waterlily Lace Maxi


Whether you are after a more traditional style, or you prefer keeping up to date with the latest trends, you really can’t go wrong with lace. From floor-skimming maxi dresses to whimsical midis and delicate crop tops, there’s a reason why lace comes back into our lives time and time again!

Floral Scuba Ruffle Bandeau Maxi Dress
ASOS £60
Ammie Grey Floral Wrap Dress

Flirty florals

Who says that you can only wear maxi dresses and jumpsuits to a wedding? Some events may call for a more casual dress code – and I wish more of them did. Why not opt for a fun and flirty A-line dress with a wrap-around top-half that is sure to flatter any body type.

Wild botanical prints are all over the high-street this season, and are absolutely ideal to strike that perfect balance between fun and elegant for any summer wedding!

Show-stopping accessories

Once you’ve found the perfect wedding guest outfit, it’s the accessories that will really take your whole look to the next level. The best part is that you really don’t have to glam it up too much if you don’t want to; something as subtle as a dainty lariat necklace can make all the difference and turn any simple and casual outfit to something so much more sleek and elegant.

Gabi Statement Earrings coast £19   Heeled Sandals ASOS HAZARD £42
Gold Choker Chain Layered and Lariat Necklace DesignB £16

Opt for a pop of colour or funky print with your clutch bag or shoes, and you are onto a winner!