By Oliver Cox

The Dark Spring of 2020 has kept many of us at home twiddling our thumbs and not knowing what to do with ourselves. My personal solution to the ongoing issue was to seek refuge in my room for two months on a binge of long-forgotten X-BOX games from the early ’10s.

My Nan, however, royally put me to shame when she announced over one of our many Facetime calls that she had beautifully decorated another 3 bottles in just one day.

My Nan has always been the creative type, filling her time with either baking or beautifying her garden. Her endevour of choice throughout lockdown was decorating bottles. She had begun this new hobby of hers even before lockdown began, simply asking friends to bring fancy looking bottles round for her to decorate and add twinkling lights to. This began to happen more as her newfound hobby became more well-known with the neighbours.

“Her cupboard was bursting at the seams with all of her new masterpieces.”

Then lockdown began, and Nan’s production rate trebled.

Throughout lockdown, more and more bottles were produced. Nan revelled in her creativity, her style and intricacy improving with every iteration.

Before she knew it, lockdown had ended and Nan had too many bottles to know what to do with; her cupboard was bursting at the seams with all of her new masterpieces. Her storage space was not keeping up with her production rate and as more of her friends started to visit her they would find themselves taking home more of her new creations.

Not wishing to stagnate, Nan started to diverse her creations to wine glasses as well, making friends their very own glasses for when they would visit her. Once again, inevitably, she had started to build up a mass of decorated wine glasses.

This lead her to the idea of selling the bottles and glasses that she was beginning accumulate more and more of.

Of the money she raises, Nan plans to give half to a charity of her choice and the other half to fund her for further creations. Her further aim is to simply carry on decorating and beautifying items.

If you have any creative ideas or would like a beautiful bottle or glass of your own, contact Nan! [email protected]

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