Outerwear is the one category where an investment buy is often a wise choice; many of our favourite coats are items that hold their value and remain ‘trendy’ season after season. Thankfully, coats are one of the least likely items to be swept up in the ever-changing tides of seasonal trends, so it really is worth taking the time to find the right one for you. In this crazy fast-paced world of fleeting micro-trends and limitless options, the stability and enduring power of a timeless staple piece shouldn’t be underestimated. The likes of Zara and Mango are clear favourites in this respect year after year, offering a whole host of stylish choices at reasonable price points and, most importantly, offering hardy, long-wearing quality that will last for many seasons to come.


My much-loved ‘shacket’ (shirt-jacket) became a serious wardrobe hero throughout the autumn months; looking fab with absolutely everything from midi dresses and boots to jeans and a boxy tee. Now that winter has descended upon us, however, I’ll begrudgingly pack away my trusty shacket and opt for my new cold-weather alternative. Thankfully, the borg jacket has been answering my shivery prayers for the better part of two years now. 

It’s safe to say that teddy coats have officially gained cult status, and although they’re not new to the scene by any means, I’ve noticed that there’s an updated version that’s been making the rounds as of late. Coming in a boxy, almost shirt-like fit, it bears a striking resemblance to the good old shacket (woohoo!), except it’s been given a definitively wintery fluffy spin. No surprises there really, considering the manner in which shackets burst onto the scene last year. Some styles look more like fleeces and are perfect for layering under coats, but there are also plenty of classic chunky options which will look awesome with jeans and pretty much any shoe. They’re arguably one of the more casual of coat styles, but when paired with an elegant roll-neck, a pair of straight-leg jeans and bold jewellery, they can actually look pretty glam. 

Teddy coats have officially gained cult status


It’s not often that one of the season’s most popular coats also happens to be the most practical item in your entire wardrobe. Previously considered a purely sporty, and somewhat ugly item of clothing, the puffer has well and truly seen a shift this year, with its simple silhouette lending itself quite appropriately to the very much welcomed minimalist aesthetic that has dominated the past year. With its simple cut, diverse colour palette, and roomy pockets, it ticks all the boxes for what anyone might need from a practical throw-on-and-go coat. I can understand why some people have been resistant to give this trend a go, but this winter the puffer comes in various iterations so it’s by no means one-size-fits-all. If you’re not quite ready to go for an all-out puffer style, why not dip your toe in by opting for a simple quilted coat, which offers less bulk than the traditional style but still satisfies that desire for cosiness we’re all craving at this time of year. Before you dismiss the puffer coat all together, have a browse through your favourite high-street retailers; you might just find yourself a new winter staple.


For ageless and trend-transcending style, you can’t do much better than a classic maxi or trench coat; two styles that have stood the test of time for decades. As with every new season, there seems to be plenty of exciting options around if you happen to be looking to add a maxi coat to your current rotation. With a whole spectrum of hues and silhouettes on offer, the power of the good old trench coat is, of course, in its sheer versatility, whether paired with your gym gear for a weekend stroll or worn alongside cosy knits, jeans or midi skirts for dressier occasions.

It ticks all the boxes


Shearling aviator jackets are a rare breed of coat that manage to look both effortlessly cool and fulfill the desired job of keeping you toasty no matter the what the weather throws at you. I personally love green and khaki colourways as they make for something a little different to the classic camel tones we see in almost every coat genre. 


As far as winter outfits go, there’s nothing quite as effective as the classic coat-and-boot combo. As simple as it may be, the right pairing can get you through the frostier months whilst still feeling like you’ve got your finger on the fashion pulse. There’s no pairing I love more than some boots (literally any style works!) and a vinyl jacket; it’s just the easiest and most fool-proof formula for a slightly fancy yet super stylish outfit. Go for a bright colour or animal print if you’re feeling a little daring this winter.