In 2014, the Government of Gibraltar gave its commitment to a second Health and Lifestyle survey, following the successful publication of the first survey in the previous year. The new survey took place in February 2015 and its results are now available to the public in the record time of 21 months.

The results were revealed to the public along with a wealth of information on the health and lifestyle of Gibraltar’s population. One of the findings states there are high levels of obesity and smoking amongst the Rock’s population.

The survey revealed that three out of five adults in Gibraltar are overweight or obese and smoking is higher than in all other countries chosen for comparison, having increased since 2008. Alcohol consumption in the population is generally low at all ages and Gibraltarians are generally aware of the risks of skin cancer, harbouring a healthy attitude towards sunbathing.

The report also examined eating habits, perceptions about their health, exercise, the use of health services and other aspects of health and lifestyle. All in all, over 24,000 separate pieces of data were captured and analysed.

A limited quantity of print copies of the full 200-page report has been produced and will be distributed to libraries, schools and other locations where the public can access it.

A condensed 16-page version of the report has also been produced and will be distributed to people’s homes in Gibraltar in the coming months. A PDF version of the full report will also soon be made available for download on the GHA website.