As part of its continuous efforts to ensure a flourishing business environment in Gibraltar, the Government has today released a Consultation Paper on key legislation affecting business and commerce.

The purpose of the Consultation Paper is to improve the legal and policy framework in which businesses operate in Gibraltar. To this end, the Government is eliciting views from businesses and the general public through a series of 18 targeted questions embedded in the Consultation Paper.

The Consultation Paper’s questions cut across diverse topics, including (for example) the licensing of business activity linked to intoxicating liquor, the designation of leisure areas, the loading and unloading of goods by commercial/non-commercial vehicles in demarcated areas, and the placing of tables and chairs outside restaurants and other eating establishments.

The Government will carefully consider all respondents’ views before deciding on next steps.

Albert Isola, Minister for Commerce, said: ‘We have an incredibly strong entrepreneurial culture in Gibraltar, and we need to make sure it is nurtured and supported. One way to do that is to listen to businesses so as to understand which laws, policies or practices might be acting as a drag on their efforts – especially those laws, policies and practices that may not be advancing a clear or compelling public policy purpose.’.

Minister Isola and Paul Balban (Minister for Infrastructure and Planning), who joined forces on this project and have co-written the foreword to the Consultation Paper, said that they were keen for respondents to feel free to raise issues or concerns not specifically addressed in the Consultation Paper itself: ‘We have made a sincere effort to consult on the areas that raise their head often or that we have otherwise identified as important. But we make no claim to omniscience. Respondents are very welcome to use this as an opportunity to express additional concerns or views in connection in with the legal and policy environment in which business in Gibraltar operates’, said Minister Balban.

Respondents have until Friday, 17th August 2018 to make submissions to the Government, and may do so by sending their responses by email to:, or by delivering them by post or in person to:

Ministry of Commerce Suite 771, Europort Gibraltar GX11 1AA

Note: The text of the Consultation Paper can be accessed through the main menu of the Laws of Gibraltar website: