The Gibraltar Government offered a series of seminars to the community last month on the accessibility of large public events for people with disabilities.

The training programme, ‘Equality Means Business’, was put in place by Minister for Equality, Samantha Sacramento, who engaged with a specialist UK organization to deliver it.

UK charity ‘Attitude is Everything’ has delivered ‘Disability Diversity Training’ for 15 years and regularly provide advice on accessibility for large public events.

They have worked with a number of popular UK festivals (including Glastonbury and Festival Republic) as well as a number of entertainment venues.

In addition to the training provided to the public sector, a couple of free training session were also held for private promoters at the University of Gibraltar.

“These seminars are a continuation of the training series already established as we are taking the lead on our shared responsibility in making Gibraltar more inclusive,” Ms Sacramento said. “Gibraltar is blessed with a very diverse and active social calendar so I want to ensure that everyone involved in organising these events are aware of their responsibilities towards individuals with disabilities. Creating awareness is vital and we must work together to change attitudes. In the advent of the Disability Act, we will be providing continuous support and information to enable businesses to provide more accessible social and cultural experiences to those who, because of their disability, may have been left out in the past.”