Government is Committed to Publication of the uses of £300m

Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar has already said that it will make announcements in respect of the uses to which the £300m investment in Gibraltar Capital Assets Limited is put.

The timing of these announcements will necessarily and sensibly be dictated by reference to the manner in which these projects develop and come to fruition.

The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, said: ‘There is no need for Mr Clinton to publish his CV to persuade me to publish the use to which the £300m is put. I am committed to doing that already. I have already announced the use of 10% of that money. More announcements will follow.

And there is no need for Mr Clinton to go back on his admissions on Viewpoint that these transactions were “a good thing”.

What Mr Clinton clearly has a problem with is our commitment to the publication of all the Government company accounts. The GSD did not publish them. We are in the process of doing so, as and when they are ready.

I regret the GSD’s continued attempts at undermining the efforts of this Government, whether or not such attempts actually undermine the good of the community at large. It is further regrettable that the GSD appears to believe that the Opposition’s role is merely to criticise yet to offer no vision of its own. The GSD seems to continue to labour under the misapprehension that what the electorate wants is a bickering opposition that opposes for the sake of opposing.

Instead, my Government continues to work studiously and diligently to deliver the best outcomes for the people of this community, as we navigate the uncertainty of Brexit in the best way possible, as Opposition members themselves acknowledge we are doing.

As a result, engaging with Mr Clinton any further on this issue is an unnecessary and unfortunate distraction, borne of the amateur style of politics in which Mr Clinton is engaged.

Instead, I remain committed to continuing to approach the business of running this community in a professional manner, as it is the Government’s duty to do.

New challenges and new opportunities await as we transition to Post-Brexit Gibraltar, a sustainable and prosperous community outside the European Union. I am confident that Gibraltar is well prepared to leverage these opportunities and that the health of our public finances is the foundation upon which we will write the next chapter of success in the story of our homeland for future generations.”