A lengthy article on the Neanderthals was published by the New York Times Magazine online last month featuring Gorham’s Cave and Gibraltar.

Writer Jon Mooallem tracks the history of the Neanderthals and how our perception of them has changed since the early discoveries of the 19th century, which included the famous Gibraltar Woman in 1848.

The writer explains his impromptu visit to Gibraltar last June when he heard that an excavation was in progress at Gorham’s Cave.

His description includes a snapshot of Gibraltar at the time of the Brexit Vote and the writer immerses himself in Gorham’s and Vanguard Caves where he is taken back to a remote time.

“I am delighted that the high standard of work being carried out by Clive Finlayson and his team continues to receive the international attention that it deserves. In the process, the New York Times magazine has also painted a wider picture of Gibraltar which blends the past and the present very effectively.” said Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia.
The article is part description and part reflection of humanity, parallel humanities and the fate of peoples’ past, with a strong connection to the world today.

The author describes a visit to the Gibraltar Museum to see the then recently-inaugurated Nana and Flint and then went on to interview the artists – Kennis and Kennis – in their home in Holland.

Overall, the article gives an up-to-date perspective of our current views of the Neanderthals and places Gibraltar at the centre of the work which is changing the old views.