Many a millennial now walks among us plugged into their podcast’s latest episode. The dulcet tones of their favourite hosts accompany them on their morning commute into work, their workout session at the gym, or – when summer comes around – at the beach, just before their siesta.

The podcast nation is growing and it’s surprising that a popular local podcast hasn’t filled this gap in the media market. Mark Montegriffo, Jeremy Sacramento, and Jonathan Jurado are determined to change that… so long as they get to enjoy some repartee while they record.

It’s no secret that we love talking about politics in Gibraltar. We are raised with a political identity, and we are invariably proud of how far we’ve come as a people, even if we may have very fundamental criticisms of where we currently are. The truth is that politics is, like most things in life, not black and white. Perspectives should challenge us and curiosity guide us.

What does this mean for Gibraltar and is there a way to finally fix British politics?

That’s why this podcast consists of three hosts with varied stories, worldviews, and political experience… oh, and most importantly, distinct personalities too. Whether you see yourself on the left, around the centre, on the right, or indeed you don’t define yourself at; you’ll find their discussions provoking and critical. They don’t hide from personal philosophical biases, but neither are they held by any party. In our hyper-partisan world of press releases and one-up-manship, the conversations critically engage with a topic on its merits and argue accordingly, free of personal antagonism (though there will be plenty of banter), but full of rigorous dissection.

Aqui Que Pasa is Gibraltar’s straight-talking podcast. Bringing you political analysis and debate with no punches pulled, no strings attached, and no stone unturned. Including a news round-up, a meaty debate, and the Rumour Mill segment, Aqui Que Pasa features everything we like about talking politics in Gibraltar.

Hosts Mark, Jeremy, and Jonathan all come with their distinct perspectives, providing authentic angles and interesting points of view. Their first podcast is on SoundCloud and considers the housing debate, the future of Sir Joe Bossano MP, and much more. Since then, the hosts have taken each other to task on public sector pay, the Spanish elections, climate action, and democratic representation. In upcoming episodes, a primary focus will be the Brexit process. With the House of Commons incapable of compromising on a deal, it looks like the UK government has been forced to postpone the withdrawal deadline into the summer. What does this mean for Gibraltar and is there a way to break the impasse and finally fix British politics?

Bringing you political analysis and debate with no punches pulled, no strings attached, and no stone unturned.

Almost as crucial is the fact that it is election year in Gibraltar. What shape will our parliament take with a new party in the fray? Which voters will be the decisive demographic at the polling station? How will the GSD perform under different leadership? It is these questions and so many more that they will analyse and argue over the coming weeks and months, holding candidates to account as well as doing their bit to deepen critical democratic engagement.

As host Mark says, “We believe that we can improve our thinking when our views are challenged. That spirit of open dialogue and curiosity is healthy in a democratic society, where issues are not pushed under the rug”.

Keep up to speed with the debates, the rumours, and the laughs, by subscribing to Aqui Que Pasa. You can also currently find episodes on YouTube and Facebook, through the Aqui Que Pasa page.

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