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Death of a Translator
Ed Gorman, Nick Higham
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ), 1 hour

Ed Gorman will be interviewed by Nick Higham about his book Death of a Translator.

How the World Thinks
Julian Baggini
John Mackintosh Hall, 1 hour

Philosopher and author Julian Baggini sets out to expand our horizons, exploring the philosophies of Japan, India, China and the Muslim world, as well as the lesser-known oral traditions of Africa and Australia’s first peoples.



The Gibraltar Heritage Journal
Richard Garcia, Tito Benady
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ), 1 hour

Tito Benady and Richard Garcia will together present the story of the Heritage Journal, considering some of the highlights of earlier editions.



The Map of Knowledge
Violet Moller, Nick Higham
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ) (1 hour)

Violet Moller will be talking to Nick Higham about her book The Map of Knowledge, which follows the most important scientific ideas from the Ancient Greek world down through the Muslim Empire and the Middle Ages to the European Renaissance.


Brexit Without the Bullshit
Gavin Esler
The Convent (1 hour)

Gavin Esler presents a frank guide to the most momentous change in British life for decades.


4:00 pm

Napoleon. The Man Behind the Myth 
Adam Zamoyski
The Convent (1 hour)

Adam Zamoyski dismisses the myths, the anecdotes, and the value judgments of Napoleon.



Where the World Ends
Geraldine McCaughrean
John Mackintosh Hall (1 hour)

Geraldine McCaughrean talks about her Carnegie Medal-winning novel, why she writes adventure, and how fragments of the Past are the perfect trellis up which to grow fiction



 Literary Tribute to Mary Chiappe
Ruth O’Callaghan
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ) (1 hour 30 min)

A celebration of the life and work of Mary Chiappe, writer, teacher, and – at only twenty five years of age – Gibraltar’s Minster of Education, including readings from Mary’s novels, poetry and journalism; personal reminiscences; and readings by poet and friend Ruth O’Callaghan from her new collection, Unportioned (Salmon Publishing) which pays tribute to Mary.



The Festival Opening Dinner
Caleta Hotel (3 hours)

The opening dinner will be prepared by chef and restaurant owner Jeremy Lee.




Saving the World. Women: The XX1’s Century Factor for Change

Paola Diana
The Convent (1 hour)
Bestselling author Paola Diana uses her personal experiences to fuel her empowerment discourse on female empowerment, rights and equality.

When the Dogs Don’t Bark: A Forensic Scientist’s Search for the Truth
Professor Angela Gallop
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ) (1 hour)

One of the world’s leading forensic scientists Professor Angela Gallop talks about her life investigating crime, including cases ranging from the Yorkshire Ripper to the Cardiff Three.



Behind the Throne: Five Centuries of Life in the Royal Household
Adrian Tinniswood
John Mackintosh Hall (1 hour)

Social historian Adrian Tinniswood takes a look behind the scenes of the royal household from Elizabeth I to the present day.

The Royal Navy in WWI Gibraltar
Jim Ring
The Convent (1 hour)

In this talk (or discussion), Jim explores the role that the Royal Navy played in bringing victory in WW1, and why this has been neglected.


The Smart Neanderthal  
Clive Finlayson
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ) (1 hour)

Clive will be interviewed by Alice Mascarenhas as he talks about this latest book The Smart Neanderthal.



Lunch and audience with Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee, Donald Sloan
The University of Gibraltar (1 hour)

Chef Jeremy Lee will be preparing a lunch with the team from Bistro Point, speaking to Donald Sloan of the Oxford Cultural Collective about his work.



 The Life of John Buchan
Ursula Buchan
John Mackintosh Hall (1 hour)

This presentation aims to trace the life-story of John Buchan, one of the most remarkable writers and public men of the first half of the 20th century.


Where to Find Me
Alba Arikha
The Convent (1 hour)

In addition to discussing her book, Alba will be singing a song she wrote about one of the two main characters, Flora Dobbs.


The Fault
Kitty Sewell
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ) (1 hour)

Kitty is interviewed by Tim Turner and will be reading excerpts from THE FAULT.



Physical Intelligence
Claire Dale, Patricia Peyton
John Mackintosh Hall (1 hour 15 min)

Come and learn about a highly successful strategy for raising your performance at work and home so that you can thrive in today’s busy, challenging world.


The Cut Out Girl
Bart van Es, Suzi Feay
The Convent (1 hour)

Bart van Es will be in conversation with Suzi Feay about his Costa Book of the Year winning biography, The Cut Out Girl,


Monkey Tales 
Larry Sawchuk, Lianne Tripp
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ) (1 hour)

Monkeys Tales explores the human-macaque experience in Gibraltar using archival, historic, and contemporary sources.



Fake Views? The Donald Trump Book of Covers — Celebrity, Politics and the Press
Ben Arogundade
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ) (1 hour)

Author Ben Arogundade examines Trump’s rise from real estate mogul to the White House, via a unique collection of his newspaper and magazine front covers.



10:00 AM

The Nocturnal Brain
Guy Leschziner
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ) (1 hour)

Dr Leschziner shows how many sleep disorders are as a result of abnormalities of the brain, and what implications these extreme sleep problems have for us all.


Being David Archer and Other Unusual Ways of Earning a Living
Timothy Bentinck, Nick Higham
The Convent (1 hour)

Actor Tim Bentinck takes a behind-the-scenes look at the hugely successful radio series The Archers, and looks back at a varied life that has seen him be the voice of ‘Mind the Gap’ on the Piccadilly Line and sit in the House of Lords.


An Audience with Lord Mark Price
Lord Mark Price, Suzi Feay
The University of Gibraltar (1 hour)

Drawing out the principle and practice of what a fairer and more inclusive workplace might look like.


Get Cracking! 
Ann Bryant
John Mackintosh Hall (1 hour)

A strongly interactive event cracking codes, listening to a story set to music, hearing about the life of an author and much more, including a bit of body percussion!



The Art Of Graphic Story Telling
Sally Bayley
John Mackintosh Hall (1 hour 30 min)

Author Dr Sally Bayley will lead an interactive talk based on her literary memoir, Girl With Dove



The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin
Jonathan Phillips
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ) (1 hour)

This talk traces Sultan Saladin’s emergence as the rising star of an ambitious Kurdish clan




Lunch and Audience with Ching He Huang
Ching He Huang, Donald Sloan
The O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel (1 hour)

Ching He Huang will prepare a lunch with the team at the O’Callaghan Eliot Hotel.



Under the Wire
Paul Conroy
The Convent (1 hour)

An account of the tragic death of Marie Colvin and a war photographer’s harrowing and daring escape from one of the most dangerous cities on earth.


Partition Voices: Untold British Stories
Kavita Puri
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ)

Puri records a series of testimonies that reveal the Indian Partition’s enduring legacy for British South Asians and their descendants in Britain today.



An Audience with Lord Patten
Lord Chris Patten, Nick Higham
The Convent (1 hour)

Lord Patten is likely to talk about some the issues raised in his recent books – First Confession, Not Quite the Diplomat, What Next and East/West.




 The Travelling Vet
Jonathan Cranston
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ) (1 hour)

Step into the world of The Travelling Vet as Cranston shares some of his most memorable escapades in his 13-year career as a veterinary surgeon.


Salley Vickers
John Mackintosh Hall (1 hour)

Salley Vickers talks about her story of three very different women and their relationship with the younger generation.



Tangier: From the Romans to the Rolling Stones
Richard Hamilton
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ) (1 hour)

Richard Hamilton, explores Tangier’s hotels, cafés, alleyways and darkest secrets.


Double Crossed: A Complete Betrayal
Brian Wood
The Convent (1 hour)

In this compelling story, Brian speaks powerfully and movingly about the three battles in his life as a soldier


‘What Kind of Playwright Am I?’ – Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome
Julian Felice
John Mackintosh Hall (1 hour)

Julian’s talk will focus on his attempts to overcome the Impostor Syndrome as manifested by his initial insecurities with being labeled a ‘playwright’.



Beating Osteoporosis
Diana Moran
The Convent (1 hour)

Celebrating her 80th birthday Diana Moran’s new book has been written in association with the Royal Osteoporosis Society.



A Pictorial History of Gibraltar
Sam Benady, Sarah Devincenzi
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ) (1 hour)

Sarah and Sam will be presenting their illustrated overview of Gibraltar history, the result of many years of patient and loving research.



Festival Closing Dinner
Ching He Huang
Sunborn Gibraltar (3 hours)

The closing dinner will be prepared by Ching He Huang alongside the team at the Sunborn Gibraltar.