The Gibraltar Heritage Trust is pleased to announce the arrival of the much anticipated Gibraltar Heritage Journal No.24. The Journal is now on sale from The Gibraltar Heritage Trust shop at 13 John Mackintosh Square and is also available for purchase online from the Trust’s website as a book as well as a PDF downloadable version.

This edition of the Journal contains the usual variety of articles. Anthony Pitaluga charts the story of Gibraltar as a Crossroad for Emigration to the West: From Gibraltar to the Americas 1870 to 1930; Ryan Asquez looks at Military Deaths in the Burial Registers of the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Crowned, 1704-05; David Sanchez recounts the death of an Admiral Jacob Heemskerk at the Battle of the Bay of Gibraltar 1607; Manolo Galliano looks at an original account of the Siege of Gibraltar 1704-05 and also analyses an unidentified 6th Century Coat of Arms in the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Crowned. Tito Valerga gives an autobiographical account of his life as a musician; Gina Marks investigates the life and fortunes of Jamilla Albo and 18thCentury resident of Gibraltar: Joseph Nunez sets out the political tribulations of Gibraltarian Football; Tito Benady continues his history of Governors and looks as Lieut. Gen. Thomas Fowke; George Valarino gives a history of Radio Gibraltar in its 60thanniversary year, and Jonathan Jefferies looks at the relationship between Spanish and British secret services post-1945. Richard Garcia continues his list of Spanish inhabitants who remained in Gibraltar post-1704. All the above plus book reviews and assorted notes and queries articles make this year’s journal essential reading to anyone with an interest in Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar Heritage Journal was founded in 1993 as a way of publishing original research articles on Gibraltar, as well as a place to record and publish family histories, recollections and personal stories which may otherwise be lost with the passage of time.

Journal No24 is a historical mark as, Editor and father of the Journal, Tito Benady steps down and Richard Garcia takes up the pen as the new editor. The Trust would like to thank Tito Benady for his dedication to the success of the Journal right from its conception in 1993 and his knowledge, enthusiasm and determination to deliver a quality journal which documents Gibraltar’s History. The Journal has become a household name and must have collection for any Gibraltarian bookshelf.

The Trust would also like to thank the Editorial Board for their hard voluntary work and looks forward to many more articles and Journals to come. 2019 will see the publication of the 25thJournal, a special anniversary to note. Therefore The Editorial Board would like to encourage and welcome authors of all ages and backgrounds to submit articles by 31st January 2019. More information and guidelines can be obtained by emailing