Gibrael conference at the Gibraltar House in London

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The Gibraltar-Israel Chamber of commerce together with the Gibraltar Finance Centre Dept held a conference at the Gibraltar House in London targeted at the Jewish and Israeli communities living in London.

“We see many opportunities on the UK-Gibraltar-Israel triangle, particularly on the wealth management side, with Gibraltar being a good place through which to structure the assets for those Israeli expats considering returning to Israel”, says Eran Shay, President of Gibrael Chamber. Israeli and Jewish investors in startup companies were also impressed by the advantages Gibraltar offers to HiTech startups.  “We were told by entrepreneurs that immense financial and human resources are required to penetrate the UK market and if these startups can begin in Gibraltar with a fraction of these resources and then leverage their success to the UK, that could be a cheaper and faster route” says Ayelet Mamo Shay, Chairwoman of Gibrael.

Also presenting at the event were Sovereign Group and Jacob Safra Sarasin Bank who provided details on the benefits of company incorporation and banking in Gibraltar.