Gib Cyber 2.0

Be Amazed, be Shocked, be Entertained, be Armed with the facts!
Speakers and delegates from both private and public sectors across the Globe come to network at the 2nd Annual Cyber Event. Ticket Link – Click Here.


As well as our main Ted Talk Style Stage there will be a plethora of activity and interaction for you. The event delivers the 3 main genres in business today, Security, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. We will cater for those in the know, those that don’t, and for those that had thought they’d seen it all!

See performances, talks, demos and panels from some of the ‘Best in Class’ in their field. Our event app will allow all delegates and speakers the opportunity to connect, network and ask those burning and brilliant questions! from networking hubs, courtyard chats to industry gossip around the sprawling modern space of the University. Delegates will be able to connect with each other via the networking App with a simple shake to meet, greet the good and the great, or take a seat next to new business connections, speakers and sponsors.

As always GibCyber will bring you best in class speakers and revered experts. We’ll host a cluster of fascinating topics to suit all, wrapped up in colour and creativity to deliver a memorable experience.

We don’t believe in herding delegates around, so outside of when we all come together to watch the ‘celebs’ on Ted Talk Style Gigs, there will be rolling sessions and activity that you can be a part of when you wish. From Blockchain Explained & Examined, ‘Only Fools or ICO’s’ – A.I The Artificial Intelligence Trailers – The Great GDPR Quiz – Schools out Security Sessions – Cops v Robbers – Hacking is Child’s Play – The Future is Now – Got you Thinking?

Wed 26 Sep 2018 9:00 am – 5:00 pm University of Gibraltar. For more information visit