The Gibraltar Health Authority is proud to announce the first step in a series of reforms in the Accident & Emergency Department.
The reforms have begun with the deployment of two additional A&E Charge Nurses. This ensures that a highly skilled, senior member of the nursing staff leads and manages the A&E team in every shift. The Charge Nurse role is crucial, as they are the front line management on the “shop floor”.
They are responsible for organising and supporting the whole clinical team on each shift and ensure that all A&E patients receive high-quality, safe, compassionate and timely clinical care.
This A&E reform comes after the success of the recent Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Courses carried out in Gibraltar for the first time, provided by the faculty from St George’s Hospital NHS Trust in London. The intensive four-day course ensured that our front line A&E staff are fully trained and accredited to provide gold standard clinical care.
Further, the services of A&E will be streamlined so while they will continue to issue initial sick certificates for patients, where appropriate, extensions of these certificates will no longer be issued from A&E. Patients who need further sick leave will need to make an appointment at the Primary Care Centre with a GP for medical review and further sick certification.
The recent launch of the repeat prescription service at the PCC saved 300 routine appointments in February alone and is forecast to save at least 320 GP appointments every month. Additionally, the new sick note telephone service saved 192 GP appointments in March and is forecast to save over 220 appointments every month. The combined result is an increased availability of over 500 GP appointments per month. These saved appointments mean that the excellent and dedicated clinical staff of nurses and GPs will be able to spend more meaningful time with patients at their consultations.