The Gibraltar General and Clerical Association donated £350 to its President, Wendy Cumming, for her upcoming ‘3 Peaks Challenge’ for local charity RifCom.

RifCom’s main aim is to make a positive contribution to the impoverished region of the Rif Mountains in Northern Morocco through education, health, sport, cultural exchange and environmental conservation projects.

“The GGCA committee welcome the opportunity to sponsor this challenge, particularly as initiatives in the field of educational and vocational training are very much in keeping with trade union ethics and principles,” a GGCA spokesman said. “The GGCA Committee would especially like to highlight the vocational training schemes in electrical studies and dressmaking for the youth in the villages neighbouring Chefchaouen, as well as the setting up of a sewing co-operative in the villages of Kliaa and Izarhan.”

The GGCA believes that this will help create employment opportunities for the youth of the region, and as such, the GGCA is keen to acknowledge and support this important work.

The 3 Peaks Challenge will take place from the 21 to the 24 October and involves climbing the Jebel Musa peak, the Jebel Lakraa Peak and, on the last day, the twin peaks of Jebel Chuiat and Jebal Kalaa.

Ms Cumming, is very grateful for the support from the committee and hopes to make the team proud in October by completing the challenge. Those interested in donating to the cause can do so on Ms Cumming’s Just Giving page.