The longevity and staying power of trends has diminished radically over the past few years, and I think we largely have social media, specifically Instagram, to blame for that. We now find ourselves in a time where we demand immediacy and are riddled with a chronic case of impatience across the board. Just as swiftly as we appoint a new style or concept with ‘trend’ status, we strip it of its title, bored, and ready for the next big thing.

But thankfully, an increasing number of consumers are beginning to value their vital role in the issue of sustainability, and are trying to be more considered in their purchases and shop more responsibly. As a result, we demand that trends last longer than ever before, and judging by the styles that are returning year after year, it seems that things may be slowly improving.


Thanks to the cult obsession we developed over Grenson’s Nanette hiking boots last year, chunky boots quickly burst onto the scene and are going absolutely nowhere. They may not be the most aesthetically pleasing designs in everyone’s estimation, but we definitely can’t deny their versatility and comfort. Do you remember when classic Timberlands were all the rage a few years back? If you still have yours knocking about, get ready to dig them out of the back of your wardrobe in time for their impending resurrection. Chunky boots work surprisingly well with most outfits, be it with a pleather skirt and tee, or even a floaty shift dress paired with a slouchy cardigan. They make for a perfect shoe choice in these transitional months.


Retro-style lace-up boots have taken everyone by surprise and slowly become the leading ankle boot trend of 2019’s latter months. It’s not difficult to see why; they have a sensible heel, are easy to style, and are peppering the high-street with a great array of colourways. You’ll see them in pretty much all of your most-frequented shops this autumn, and make sure not to miss a trip to Marks and Spencer’s footwear section, which I find to be extremely underrated, and has gradually become one of my local go-to places for comfortable but stylish everyday shoes.


The past few seasons have seen an influx of outlandish 1980’s inspired trends, but in a truly cyclical fashion, this season is seeing a more sensible low heel replacing its whacky counterparts. I don’t know about you, but I firmly denounced the kitten

heel when I was a wee 16-year-old, swiftly removing all evidence of their ever existing in my life. But – deep breath – 2019 is seeing the revival of the kitten heel at long last. Once considered unflattering and old-fashioned, this comfortable shoe silhouette has now been firmly cemented as a chic shoe choice. At some point, I’ll have to swallow my pride and admit that, aside from the comfort aspect, they have the potential to become my new desk-to-drinks weapon. Demi wedges, too, have burst onto the scene at full force, and even though they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a style that most people will be able to get on board with. They’re easy to work into a daytime look, perfectly paired with a pair of mom jeans and a laid-back linen blouse.


One trend that is certainly carrying over from last year is the western boot, one of my favourite styles, and slowing shifting out of its fleeting trend status to firmly established staple. Faux snake and mock croc are big trends this year too, so make sure to check out the likes of Zara and Topshop, who are killing it in this department at the moment. Suede iterations add some texture and class to any look, but glossy patent finishes make for an even more glamorous alternative.


Pointed shoes are definitely a reoccurring classic when it comes to footwear trends, but this season it’s all about the square toe. They emerged last summer for the first time, but this year, it looks like this throwback 90s style is going to be absolutely everywhere. From mules and slingbacks to court heels and ankle boots, there is something for everyone, and most importantly, for every weather-related possibility that may arise.


There’s no doubt about it; 2018 was the year of the ugly trainer, with brands like Balenciaga and Fila pushing the fixation to new levels of cult obsession. They were bold, gaudy, and sometimes even outrageous, and it seemed that we just couldn’t get enough! This year, however, we’ve finally come full circle, with a welcomed return to the nostalgic styles of the past. This year’s line-up is bursting with eclectic and wearable styles, with old loves like the Nike Air Max 97s, our skate favourites, Vans Old Skools, and even classic Reeboks and Adidas, having gained a great deal of momentum recently.