Gender Equality in the Workplace

The Ministry of Equality continues to develop its work on gender equality. One of the key strands is the promotion of equality and greater gender diversity in the workplace, which is central to the advancement of women and to reducing the earnings gap that exists between men and women in Gibraltar.

To this end, Marlene Dalli (Policy Development Officer) and Karina Khubchand (Crown Counsel) from the Ministry of Equality have attended a conference, ‘Fostering Gender Equality in the Workplace’ in Brussels.

This conference provided an opportunity for experts, national authorities, social partners and other key stakeholders to discuss the latest policy developments at EU level to tackle gender-based discrimination in the workplace. It also allows delegates to analyse the different drivers of inequality between female and male workers, and to identify priorities or future policy actions in order to remove the remaining barriers to women’s access to the labour market.

The Minister for Equality, Samantha Sacramento MP, said, ‘Further to our preliminary work we have carried out on the overall earnings gap, I am pleased to continue and extend the Ministry’s efforts to strive towards parity and gender diversity in the workplace. Furthermore, the economic empowerment and the economic independence of women supplements the very important work on Domestic Abuse carried by my Ministry since the economic independence of women can be their best protection against violence.’