Following first meeting of the Housing Fire Safety Review Committee, chaired by The Minister for Housing, Samantha Sacramento MP, the group will now be chaired by Geraldine Reading, Principal Housing Officer and is comprised of the Chief Technical Officer, Chief Fire Officer, Head of Housing works Agency, Building Control, Health and Safety, Crown Counsel, Land Property Services and GJBS.

The Minister has instructed the working group to undertake a complete fire safety review all current buildings, fire evacuation process, to consider all possible fire prevention measures in blocks and estates, including the installation of sprinklers, to prepare a fire awareness campaign specifically aimed at tenants and to make any recommendations on fire prevention, including a review of existing legislation as necessary. Minister Sacramento has also directed that the Chief Technical Officer independently test all cladding materials used in housing refurbishments, samples will be sent to the UK for testing. The group will also be monitoring all reports published in the UK.

The review will include Government rental estates as well as co-ownership estates.

Minster for Housing said “Once again I would like to assure all our tenants that the cladding, both in the materials and methods employed, that we have used in the refurbishment of our estates are totally different to those that were used in the UK. But while we are assured that there is no risk of any occurrence in Gibraltar as the tragic events in London, I wish to be absolutely satisfied that we are doing everything possible by way of fire safety and prevention in our housing estates and as such have commissioned this professional working group to prepare an in-depth review”.

Tenants are also reminded that a letter was issued by the Housing Department to every single tenant reminding them of the prohibition of having items in common areas, those constituting a fire risk will removed if they are not cleared by the tenants before next week. Many objects pose obstructions in the case of emergency and everyone has a moral and social duty to ensure that there is no risk to life in the case of emergency.