FESTIVE FROCKS – The fashion trends to expert this Christmas.


It’s nearly that time of the year again! Time for the famed Christmas Eve boozy lunches, and debaucherous Main Street rampages. And whether you’ve promised yourself you wouldn’t or not, let’s face it, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you all in Dusk. Then it’s the frenetic family-filled Christmas lunches followed shortly by one of the most highly anticipated nights of the year, New Year’s Eve. Without a doubt, the latter 2 weeks of this month will require more outfits than any other time of the year (bar wedding season, of course).

December may be the most exciting month with regards to fashion, because it allows you to go a little overboard without anyone raising so much as an eyebrow. It’s pretty much the only time of year that you’re given full license to pull out all the stops. Even if that’s not your bag, and you’re more of a low-key dresser, I’m sure there will still be one or two occasions which will call for a slightly fancier look than your typical every day.

But New Year’s Eve is now less than 4 weeks away, and I’ve really got to get my affairs in order. You may have noticed that satin and sequins have been having a major moment as of late: they’re all over the high street. This year feels a little more fun and less formal than other years, and I’m embracing it with open arms. While you may already have a fixed idea of what you’re planning on wearing for any upcoming events, I’ve explored some ideas below that may just get your brain ticking, or even sway you in another direction.


I don’t know about you, but I really struggle to find coats that succeed in complementing my laboriously thought-out party looks. More often than not, they tend to just throw off my entire outfit and look chunky and out of place. Enter faux fur coats: a new festive favourite! To be honest, I don’t really care if they ever go out of trend, as I think I’ll be sporting fluffy coats until the end of time regardless of what the fashion gurus have to say about it. With the vast selection of faux fur pieces on the high-street right now, you can embrace the look with a clear conscience too.

Deeper colour palettes seem to be in this year; rich autumnal tones like burgundy, which would look absolutely stunning with any black or metallic dress. They’re absolutely perfect to throw over a dress for a classy look, or equally to dress up a cute knit and pair of skinnies: it’s a win-win situation either way. The most important thing, after looking good of course, is it will keep you warm!


I’ve been seeing a lot of satin pieces everywhere and I’m loving them, but to be honest, I’m just not sure if I can pull them off. This season is mostly about gorgeous midi wrap dresses, but there are also a plethora of shorter frocks available that are sure to please many of you.

I’m particularly inspired by 1920’s styles, which of course were heavily saturated by silks and chiffons, so I love the idea of wearing a Gatsby style flapper dress. I don’t need an excuse, guys. It’s New Years!


I’m sure you’ve noticed that glitter and sequins have had a bit of a comeback this year. Once potentially considered tacky, this year if you’re donning some sparkle, you’ll be bang on trend. If you prefer to keep it minimal in the outfit department but still want to make a statement, maybe opt for a pair of embellished shoes for that much-needed pop of festive glam. And speaking of embellishments, pearls are having a huge moment too, so expect to see masses of pearl-covered pieces this next month.


Are you a fan of the ruffle? Whether we like them or not, ruffles have been a huge trend this year, but they don’t necessarily have to stop at casual. It has to be said, the high street has totally nailed it. From firm favourites like Zara, to Topshop and Mango, I guarantee that you will find a ruffle that you can work with for any occasion.


The good old maxi dress will always have a place in my heart. No matter how many times I say I’m finally going to opt for something out of my comfort zone, there’s always a stunning maxi dress waiting to lure me back in. But just because you opt for a maxi, doesn’t mean that you need to go for the “typical” New Years vibe like a bodycon dress with lace and fishtails. Have you ever considered long flowy sleeves or even a brighter colour? You really can’t beat them; they’re so appropriate for the occasion, and easy to dress up or down. I’m not planning on wearing one this year (though don’t hold me to it), but you can be sure that I will have total dress envy for anyone who is.

It baffles me how much, not only fashion can change from one year to the next, but also my opinions about it. I’m pretty sure I was dead set against anything sparkly last year, and thought that maxi dresses were all life had to offer. This year, however, I’ve finally accepted a little bit of sparkle into my life and am truly excited for all the gorgeous pieces on the high street. Whatever you choose to wear, the most important thing is having fun with it – nothing is off-limits!