Festival season is upon us yet again, and yes, ‘it’s all about the music’, but it’s also one of the few times in our summer calendar that gives us license to go above and beyond in expressing our creativity and sense of fun in our fashion choices.

With our own Gibraltar Music Festival coming up next month, I took to browsing the street style blogs in order to get a sense of what we can all expect on the sartorial front this year, although I’m sure most of us already have a fair dose of unwanted festival spam on our Instagram feeds anyway.

Coachella is the first major event on the festival calendar, and a real trailblazer for the trends and looks that are set to become most popular throughout the summer. As always, Coachella street style saw an eclectic mix; from the more cliché boho chic ensembles, to edgier street style looks, complete with bumbags, gemstones, and of course, not forgetting those ever-popular tiny sunglasses.

While Gucci headbands and over-the-knee Uggs à la Rihanna may not be the most realistic of options for the GMF, Reading Festival, or Sonus, there’s no reason why we can’t take some inspo from our favourite celebs and inject our festival outfits with some fun and creativity. Festival style doesn’t have to equal high-waisted denim shorts, Vans and a flower crown. It’s one of the only occasions where anything goes; there are no dress codes nor rules to adhere to. It’s just an opportunity to have fun and step outside your comfort zone.

Take a look at just a few festival outfit ideas for the next coming few weeks.


Last year double denim was all the rage, but this year it’s all about the prints, from fruity tropical motifs to camo which, festival or not, I think I’m going to get into myself. This year’s take on camo will make it impossible to blend into the crowd, however, as the traditional muted print has been replaced by bolder colour combos and unique silhouettes.


Are you sick of the term yet? Sportswear has been a huge trend for a solid 2 years now, and, you guessed it, looks like it’s here to stay. Although I’m not a huge fan personally, it must be said that athleisure is right up there in terms of comfort, and doesn’t require all that much effort to throw together a laid-back cool outfit (I still can’t get my head around those dad shoes though). This is for those of you who prioritise comfort and don’t fancy making too much of an effort. Chances are, you already have something in the vein of athleisure-wear in your wardrobe.


A matching two-piece set, time and time again, proves to be one of the most popular outfit choices, and not only are there so many different styles to choose from, they’re also one of the easiest to style; absolutely no coordinating required. Pair a two piece with some chunky sandals for that much-needed extra crowd height, or alternatively with some Doc Martens and a light bomber jacket for an effortless juxtaposition between styles.


Whether it be greasy roots, an untamed fringe or levante-induced frizziness, this year, ditch the flower crowns for a baker boy hat. These styles, although not the easiest to pull off, add a beautifully feminine aesthetic to any look.

If you really can’t be bothered to put that much thought into an outfit, or simply aren’t too fashion conscious, why not make a hat the centre focus of your whole look? Venture slightly out of your comfort zone with a fedora and pair it with a playsuit, and some simple silver jewellery, and you can’t go wrong.

Belt Bags

Backpacks are a classic festival staple, but this year it’s all about the bum-bag and belt bag. Not only are they bang on trend, but they’re also a safer option than parading all of your valuables on your back. They’re super practical, but also add a street style edge to any look.


There’s not much to say about the tiny sunglasses trend except that they firmly remain a trend, despite the naysayers’ resolute predictions that the end was coming soon. It’s undoubtedly one of the more divisive fads out there, and although they don’t seem to be the most practical of choices in terms of their sheer functionality, there’s no denying that this style has a way of making any outfit that little bit more stylish. I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of them around, if we haven’t already.

When it comes to festivals, there are simply no rules. Pull out all the stops and wear what makes you feel your best. Don’t be afraid to switch it up a little and wear something brave; it’s the perfect opportunity to play around and have fun without so much as raising an eyebrow.