Love is this strange thing that we don’t have much control over, we either feel it or we don’t and no matter how much we would like to change that state sometimes, it just won’t work. Reason has yet to rule over emotion. This is perhaps why there are so many love stories around; in music, film, paintings, literature, and not to mention in our own lives.

We have recently joined the growing list of progressive countries to allow loving couples to legalise their partnerships by getting married regardless of their gender and preferences. Another thing to be proud of Gibraltar! This month, we bring you the love story of our very own Messrs Dignam-Mills who met right on the border between Gib and Spain.

But what to do when meeting someone perfect has been proving difficult for a while? What if we’ve exhausted neighbours, friends of friends, fellow shoppers, clubbers, café-goers? What if there seems to be no one new and interesting in our vicinity? We meet two couples who found the answer in the digital world of online dating and never looked back. If you do get yourself a swipe right and end up going on a date, check out our guide to what to wear on such an occasion.

According to the old concept opposites attract… do they? Wouldn’t it be easier to spend your time with someone who shares the same interests, values, priorities, stamina, libido etc. Elaine investigates the need to feel butterflies in your stomach.

And what happens after we’ve gone through all the stages of falling in love and starting a family? What happens to romance a few years into this journey? Polly gives some advice to parents who have forgotten that they were partners first and looks into how to rekindle that spark with little ones snapping at your heels.

Perhaps one thing you could do is take your loved one on a romantic trip… to Iceland. If we’re cold anyway, why not go all the way, gear up for the snow and take in the beauty of a real winter wonderland under the Northern Lights. Iceland, however, is said to be quite an expensive place to visit so instead of spending all your savings on a luxury hotel, you could sleep on someone’s couch… no, really. There might even be a spare bedroom which you could occupy for free… Couchsurfing has been around for over a decade now and has grown exponentially in popularity. See what it is that entices people to invite strangers into their homes.


In Business, Ian talks about loving his job and in Life, we chat to Christine Clifton-Psaila, recently retired Radio Gibraltar presenter, who put her heart and soul into her four-decade-long career. In Scene, we present two painters, Christine Borge (p.48) and Donald Porteous whose love for the craft comes through in every brush stroke.

Whether you choose to celebrate your love on the 14th, or on the weekend nearest to it, or in fact, on any other day but Valentine’s, remember that love is precious and if you’re lucky enough to have it in your life, make sure you cultivate it, remember to say ‘I love you’, and say it a lot. Create a love story each day…

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