If you’re anything like me (and I hope for your sake you’re not), there has been many a Valentine’s morning spent sobbing into a bowl of cornflakes. There is this illusion that the morning of the 14th should be spent swapping Hallmark cards (other brands are available), boxes of chocolates (a good way to get rid of the remaining Christmas stash), and gifts that come with an inflated price tag because the cashier wrapped it in paper with hearts on it.

Whatever your stance on this most amorous of days, it
can be used as an opportunity to celebrate relationships with your loved ones. In Estonia for example, Valentine’s Day is overthrown in place of Sobrapaev, or ‘Friendship Day’. Whether you’re single or spoken for, this month Kati convinces us to travel to Estonia – the Baltic beauty you’re bound to fall in love with.

From the idyllic interaction between Kelly from the telly and her husband, to the tumultuous love between Peter and Marco – the flamenco dancer less than half his age – in Hellaby’s newest novel, we have all bases of the heart covered in this February issue. We also eschewed tradition and asked you to reveal your most awkward dating disasters, and boy did you deliver. You are not alone; one year I was gifted a goat. For Ahmed. In Ethiopia. (Hi Ahmed! Hope Gary is doing well.)

“All is fair in love and war”, but what about business? Owner of Supernatural and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Dan, reveals the highs and the heartache behind start-ups. Should you take the plunge? Speaking of love and business, we introduce Binky and her kitchen, complete with husband Nikos. Just like pear jam with cheddar, this cooking couple fuse together in perfect union over a spread of galaktoboureko and baklava.

This month we introduce our brand new series ‘A Woman’s Work’, shining a well-deserved spotlight on some of the inspirational women of Gibraltar. To kick us off, Molly interviews wedding planner Monica Coumbe. I hope this month brings you love in its multitude of forms, and whatever your heart most desires. Even if that is a goat called Gary.