Valentine’s Day has rolled around faster than you can say overpriced chocolates and feigned affection, so this month, we’re bringing you a special love-themed issue!

One of my favourite articles this month (and I promise I haven’t been threatened with a raised zapatilla to say this) is an interview with one of Gibraltar’s best-loved media personalities, and the longest-running female news reader in the world, my mum. Alice Mascarenhas interviews Susan Clifton-Tucker and recounts the highs, the lows, and the 70s shows with great gusto.

From one radio and television sweetheart to the next, we sit down with Davina Barbara as she slips off her six-inch reporter heels in favour of her recently acquired Cultural Development Officer hat.

Valentine’s Day now comes attached with Hallmark-scented stigma about consumerism, but what’s the real reason for celebrating this day, and who is this Valentine chap who has us all running around card shops like frenzied ferrets the days leading up to the 14th? Peter gives us a lesson on love as he teaches us the history behind the celebration.

What if, instead of splashing out on 5* luxury resorts, we stripped back all the bells and whistles and opted for an intimate, low-budget adventure instead? Gianella takes us on a campervanning adventure to Western Australia and encourages us to experience an altogether different sort of couples’ getaway, whether romantic or platonic.

Also choosing the noble campervan as their moyen de transport are Harald and Snorri: two Norsemen with a penchant for aged motor vehicles and travelling the great outdoors – specifically Norway to Cape Horn. But with unreliable brakes, a faulty exhaust system, and tyres in dire need of a check-up before they even set off, how far have they made it?

First it was the ‘V’ word (Veganuary), and now it’s the ‘B’ word that’s hot on everyone’s lips – the dreaded Brexit. As a business owner, the future climate may seem uncertain, but luckily we’re bringing you 10 top tips to help Brexit-proof your business.

And if you’re finding all this Valentine’s malarkey as sickly-sweet as a mass-produced box of heart-shaped chocolates, you can always run away to Greece and start over, with a little help from our monthly property article.