By Deborah Huxley

2020, for the best part, has been pants! So for the month of January we want you to show us your pants.

Let’s get fit and healthy together so that we can move into 2021 in a positive healthy way. We invite all the personal trainers of Gibraltar, the local gyms, clubs and classes, and groups – be it yoga, dance, Zumba, cycling, running, or paddle boarding.

All you need to do is register, send us a donation of £5.00 (sterling) and a photo of your exercise wear, i.e. your “fancy pants”. We can then upload your photo to our collection and thank you for your ongoing support in our community and support for Calpe House, London.

Calpe House has remained fully operational throughout the pandemic lockdown and we have looked after long-term patients whom have had to remain in London. The trustees are eternally grateful to the management and staff for putting their health on the line in looking after the patients all within the guidelines provided by the NHS England. Gibraltar must be proud of their home from home in London.

Let’s get Gibraltar fit whilst helping raise much-needed funds for Calpe House. Let’s encourage fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s create more positivity than 2021 can handle.

We are experiencing more and more anxiety, loneliness, diabetes, and stress than ever before in our community, so let’s support and uplift each other – and have a bit of fun along the way.

So if you do any sort of exercise already, you’re halfway there! If not, put on your trainers and your fancy pants and start now.

We want to see grandparents and grandchildren walking. We want to see you walking with your whole family or your dogs. On your bikes or with your weights. We want to see everybody with a smile on their face, so that together we can all move into 2021 in a positive way.

The Hon. Steven Linares MP, Minister for Sport, commented: “As Minister for Sport, I am extremely happy to support this initiative in raising fitness awareness. It is very important as being active and doing regular bodily exercises can prevent major chronic diseases.

I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking all those involved in this campaign.”

Calpe House Chairman Albert Poggio OBE GHM also welcomes this initiative, organised by Deborah Huxley, Director of events and fundraising at Calpe House.  

For more information, contact [email protected], or visit www.calpehouse.com, facebook.com/calpehouse, or search CalpeHouse1 on Instagram.

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