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starting his studies in Accounting and Finance at the University of Southampton this year, Matt Savitz, has been selected by EY to join their 2017 Scholarship Scheme.

The Scholarship programme provides students with £1,000 per year to support their studies; a remote buddying system during their time at university; a summer placement with EY each year and a position with the firm on completion of their degree.

Commenting on the Scheme, Dale Cruz, Executive Director at EY said: ‘Starting the right path to developing a professional career was critical for me in securing the role I wanted. We believe that EY can contribute to this process by supporting and nurturing our team members of the future. Our Scholarship Programme is one of the many ways that we seek to achieve this and help progress the future generations of Gibraltar’.

Matt has a clear vision for how he wants to see his future career develop: ‘Although I know that Accountancy is my ambition it is still difficult to make the link from career goals to actually entering a working environment. The EY Scholar Scheme bridges this gap by not only offering me the experience of working during my summer placement but also gaining the support of a mentor through my studies. The opportunity is not one I could miss.

Angelique Linares, Partner at EY and one of the senior team managing the Scheme said: ‘The programme is open to all high performing Gibraltar undergraduates. Our objective for the Scheme is to link up with schools in Gibraltar and also with government to support its education initiatives, in advancing our local students to reach their highest potential. We already have one student, Ryan Rowbottom who was last year’s chosen scholar, within the Scheme. With the addition of Matt our ambitions for a programme of professional development, linked to learning, have come to fruition’.

More information about the EY Scholarship Programme is available by contacting EY at recruitment@gi.ey.com.