Happy February, everyone! The month de l’amour (or complaining about the amour), where it’s appropriate to recreate Christmas for a day by annihilating a box of chocolates and cracking out Love Actually for one last time. I hope you all made it through the 2347 days of January relatively unscathed. Here’s to shorter months, regular eating patterns, and payday… finally.

Now, how’s that for a cover? This month we snatched up the stunning Celine Bolaños for a quick chat about how she’s getting on with her role as Miss Gibraltar, halfway through her reign (p. 33).

Hearts of Gibraltar is back, this time talking to the lovely Namarta Gulraj, whose healing energy is helping others to live their best life (p. 42). We also sit down with Gabriella Richardson, winner of the recent Singer Songwriter Competition, who reveals the inspiration behind her success and her plans for touring Leeds and beyond (p. 45).

It’s interesting how war literature can be written by people who have only experienced war through literature. And yet Jasmin, who grew up in Gibraltar and is currently on a Humanities course in Plymouth, has done just that – and beautifully so. Read her goosebump-inducing short story, “Trenches” over in Scene (p. 49).

In Fashion and Beauty, we’re making life that bit easier during these dreary months with advice on what to wear (on your body, and your face!). Blazers are in, jumpers are out, slap on some lippy, and shake it all about (p. 76).

And lastly, we have a guest writer in the form of Penelope, AKA ‘The Flyaway Girl’. This self-confessed “highly caffeinated Brit with a sometimes excessive sense of wanderlust” has amassed an impressive 133,000+ followers on Instagram, which showcases her travel photography.. See her collection of ‘Date Night’ ideas for around Gibraltar (p. 69)!

(Or, if you’d prefer a night in, head over to our recipe pages to try your hand at some heart-shaped churros and hearty meat-free burgers.)

That’s all for now folks; enjoy the issue!