So here we are; our penultimate issue of 2020. The mornings are darker, weather colder, and future prospects still uncertain. But to keep things bright, warm and consistent, we have another fantastic issue of Gib Mag for you.

This month, we hit the soggy streets to ask you – What’s your favourite thing to do on a chilly November weekend? (p. 8)

There’s nothing like a warm, winter sopa to warm you right to your core – that’s how I’d like to spend my chilly November weekend. (p. 86)

Gib Mag starts featuring Isobel Ellul and her ‘Let’s Talk Real’ segment, based on her fly-on-the-wall recorded chats with Gibraltar individuals about taboo subjects. This month, Isobel speaks about male suicide – a topic close to her heart. (p. 26)

The idea came about after son, Simon, recognised how therapeutic opening up and talking about his struggles following lockdown could be. With the emphasis on ‘everyone has their story to tell’, Simon and Isobel went about inviting friends to talk about whatever they felt important, and shared it on social media as a way of catharsis. This in turn has empowered others to share, talk, and support each other.

One of my favourite education quotes (apparently wrongly) attributed to Albert Einstein, goes a little something like this: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Mark Montovio writes of his experience with dyslexia as a student, and his thoughts as he now stands on the other side of the classroom desk. (p. 23)

Modern perfumers are ditching traditional marketing campaigns and bringing us a selection of exciting gender-neutral fragrances. Our resident nose features a selection to keep those Christmas stockings smelling sweet. (p. 74)

We have an exclusive interview with teacher of commedia dell’arte masterclasses and the man who trained Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) to fall off a ladder – Mitch Mitchelson; a great name and an even better collection of exuberant shirts to boot. (p. 54)

And finally, our impressive cover art this month has been brought to you by Krishna Sachanandani, winner of our ‘Artist Callout’. Delve inside for a mini interview with all the artists who entered (p. 44)!

See you in December (egad!)

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