Ah, summer! A word intrinsically imbued with the promise of good times, and a whole line-up of events, with some of our Gibraltarian favourites including weddings and outdoor festivals. The greater part of 2020 has presented us with a few global-scale plot twists so far, and this year’s unforgettable circumstances mean that the majority of us have no such events to attend.

A simple scroll through our Instagram feeds is enough to indicate how this pandemic has changed our fashion choices and the industry as a whole. In view of this shift, it is natural to suspect that fashion will perpetually continue on its current trajectory of informality as a result of this sustained period of ‘dressed-down-ness’ throughout lockdown and beyond. But it’s also very possible that the post-pandemic sentiment will shift towards the opposite end of the spectrum more than ever before. The eventual return to ‘normal’ life, and along with it, a return to ‘normal’ clothing may very well inspire a renewed urge for getting dressed up.

So, yes, our calendars may remain somewhat eventless aside from a whole string of dinners and family BBQs, but this definitely doesn’t mean that we can’t dress up in spite of that fact. Leandra Medine, best known for her wildly popular fashion website, The Man Repeller, recently started a trending hashtag – #GoingNowhereBut-F*ckItImGettingDressed – which encouraged many to dress up for the sheer fun of it, even if only as a form of brief escapism. Sure, we may not be able to manifest our longing for a snazzy wedding-guest maxi dress at a Friday night dinner at Chatham, but there are still ways of injecting some pizzazz into our looks and dressing up without the involvement of only an LBD and some sky-high heels.

More minimal and unassuming, definitely, but by no means any less transformative

Pleated culotte trousers, Mango, £25.99


Often referred to as ‘plissé’, pleats may not necessarily be a trend that stands out alongside its louder counterparts. More minimal and unassuming, definitely, but by no means any less transformative, pleats possess a timeless elegance as well as an unmatched ability to make a piece of clothing look more expensive than it really is. Take a basic top that you otherwise wouldn’t assign with ‘dressy’ status, now add a delicate pleated fabric, and voilà, it suddenly looks premium and luxe.


What with our mostly trackie-based status over the past few months, and now with the sweltering heat we’re experiencing in the thick of summer, there have been few reasons to opt for a pair of jeans as of late. If you’re itching to explore a cooler alternative with a more refined vibe, look no further than short suits. Linen, in particular, seems to be the fabric of the moment and this year’s linen suit comes in many iterations. There are plenty of polished two-pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in an office (the perfect desk to drinks choice, perhaps), but an aesthetic that seems to be garnering more attention is the art of mixing and matching linen blazers and trousers, paired with funky separates for a quirkier final look. A long trouser version is a buy worth considering towards the later summer months, as we start heading into autumn.


A good old jumpsuit will forever be a favourite of mine, not only because it stands alone as a complete outfit, but also because jumpsuits have a way of making you look dressed up with minimal effort. I’ve been keeping my eye on the styles that are versatile enough to carry me right through autumn, and in the dress category too. Effortless slip dresses are slowly becoming a trusty wardrobe staple of mine, as they’re so easy to style and effectively transcend occasion. Milkmaid styles with delicate straps are all the rage this season, which I’m absolutely loving.



Rarely does a season goes by without the prints of decades past influencing our current wardrobes. Vintage floral prints in all shapes, sizes and colours seem to be the print of the moment. Gingham, too, is a perennial summer favourite of mine and has a way of making an outfit feel feminine and youthful, yet smart and put together in equal measure. While I often find it difficult to resist the allure of minimalism, prints have a way of making you feel more dressed up than you really are, as well as injecting instant doses of positivity, which definitely doesn’t go amiss these days!

Floral Print Blouse, Mango, £35.99


Last year, you literally couldn’t take a peek at social media without seeing those coveted barely-there strappy sandals; a style that quickly garnered cult-like status due to its meteoric rise in popularity. This year, while still popular of course, they’ve made way for the introduction of 90s style mules; an arguably much more comfortable and wearable style of heel, and one that has the ability to take pretty much any outfit to the next level.

Heel Leather Mules, Mango, £49.99

If you’re usually someone who likes to go all out, you’ll find that many times it’s a case of adding a little something extra to your usual attire. Statement jewellery is the perfect addition to any simple outfit and has an undeniable transformative power. Gold chains are my go-to recently, as they go with literally everything in my wardrobe but also look slick and dressy. Whether you pair one with a crisp white blouse and linen suit shorts, or with a louder floral dress, it’s the ultimate lift for an outfit that needs a bit of zhoosh.