As part of HM Government of Gibraltar’s continuing waste awareness campaign, residents are reminded that the correct location for the disposal of bulky items (Furniture, Domestic Appliances, etc.) is the Eco Park on Flint Road, just off Devil’s Tower Road .

There has been an increase in the amount of household refuse and bulky items being deposited outside Refuse Cubicles/Bin Holding Areas. This practice is illegal and not only makes our environment look dirty and untidy, but also poses a serious health hazard to others.

In order to help eradicate this problem, the attached leaflet has been sent to government housing residents. We are keen to ensure that the public is well informed on how to dispose of these items correctly. We therefore request that all bulky Items be disposed of at the Eco Park. Additionally, the Government of Gibraltar asks that general household waste is disposed of correctly, inside refuse cubicles, or in respective recycling cubicles.

Please note that CCTV cameras are being installed around Gibraltar and any persons found littering could face a fine of up to £250.