Still taken from video posted to social media by K. Azopardi.HM Government of Gibraltar is aware of the demonstration that took place today on the Spanish side of the frontier and condemns the actions of several of the demonstrators. Government has asked the RGP to liaise with its opposite numbers in La Linea as the Government believes that the protest may have been hijacked by extremist, right-wing political elements, in particular individuals related to the political party known as Vox.

The Government considers it is highly irresponsible to use the frontier – on either side – in a manner which affects the flow of traffic in and out of Gibraltar and thereby affects the freedom of movement of citizens from both sides of the border.

The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo QC said, “This demonstration was organised by an association of police officers and was totally unrelated to Gibraltar. It had no place being organised in the vicinity of the frontier. Whilst I always defend an individual’s right to peaceful protest, it is absolutely unacceptable that such action should be allowed to get out of hand in the way that it did. Furthermore, I am reliably informed that extremists of the ultra-right wing political party, Vox, were present and active at the demonstration. They were clearly present only to hijack the demo for their own political ends. A film clip being shared on social media shows a Gibraltarian lady who clearly had been harassed. I have now made contact with that lady and she is coming to see me tomorrow in order that I may acquaint myself more fully with the facts of her case and take whatever further action as may be required. Behaviour such as we saw today is unacceptable and has absolutely no place at a modern international border crossing. Innocent citizens from both sides of the frontier were harassed and inconvenienced in a way that cannot be condoned or justified. It is shameful that extremists could infiltrate such a demonstration and that such a lamentable provocation should have been allowed to go unchallenged. I do not intend to let this rest and will be taking the matter further.”