Christmas again. Time has flown by and we are faced with Christmas decorations, Christmas rush to buy, rush to cook, rush to finalise everything before the festivities begin… There is an increasing pressure on us to make everything bigger, brighter, better… Polly tells us not to give in and reminds us of a simpler time when family, not the presents, was the focus (p. 96). While family is what Christmas is really about, family reunions might stir up some hidden emotions as Elaine, our in-house relational psychotherapist, explains. She tells us about the impact early relationships can have on our development as an adult on page 80.the_gibraltar_magazine_december_2016_page_004_image_0002

For most of us, Christmas is the most enchanting time of the year, and for those in retail, it is also the most important as December brings more profit than any other month of the year (p. 33). A Christmas tree, the central decoration of them all, needs to be procured and since we don’t have enough land to grow them here, we bring them over from northern Europe (p. 38). Once decorated, alluringly smelling Christmas trees make the magic happen… Speaking of magic, Gibraltar’s first international magic festival comes to fruition this month so we let the rabbit out of the hat on how illusionists can make you believe anything (p. 61).

In Business, Marcus advises not to believe what you’re told but what they write about you. He introduces 360° performance reviews as his employees anonymously turn the tables on him and assess his work conduct over the past year (p. 28). Eran and Ayelet analyse the business of giving, comparing how much each country donates to charity through registered entities (p. 24). Ian brings back Mrs. Rock who, in turn, brings another happy oldster to live on the Rock (p. 21).


Through our literary competition, on the other hand, you can find out who lives in the Rock (p. 15)… Congratulations to Wendy Franklin who wins £50 voucher from the new Trends store for her take on Magic of Christmas in Gibraltar. Should come handy for the Christmas shopping… We also ask the community what makes Christmas magical for them during what is a highlight of the year for children, family and friends as we all come together to create a wonderful Christmas spirit (p. 18).