“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” – and that’s because it is! November
has disappeared faster than the last mince pie of the Christmas spread as December rolls around, bringing with it a change of weather… and editor! I am very excited to take on this new role, and to continue bringing our community the latest and greatest in business, news, leisure and entertainment around the Rock.

On the cover this month is Vicky Bishop of Vicky’s Natural Kitchen. Read about her journey and feel inspired to take that leap you’ve always wanted to. As Vicky puts it, “you have to believe in yourself to achieve your goals,” and that she has.

What do you love best about Christmas? The delicious smells wafting from the kitchen with abuela diligently at the helm, fairy lights becoming our main source of illumination, Yuletide carols filling the air and that repeated rendition of “Jingle Bells” in every shop as Bublé emerges from hibernation just in time for the festive season (more on Christmas songs from Mark).  I even enjoy the annual wrestle with my stubborn Christmas tree, and the frustration of sitting on my living room floor surrounded by awkwardly-cut wrapping paper, scotch tape stuck in my hair, and a light dusting of glitter on every conceivable surface as I attempt to ‘neatly’ wrap a present for the hundredth time.

But ultimately, it’s less about buying presents and more about being present (something Mrs Rock realises as her beau Gerald gets cold feet and takes off altogether, leaving her to focus on ‘bitchain’ and ‘BLT’). Gibraltar is an impressive hotchpotch of nationalities, cultures and religion. What we do best is come together as a community, ponche in hand, to wave goodbye to yet another year and ring in the new. Richard takes a stroll down Main Street to talk to some of the people who make up this cosmopolitan community.

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without donning our glitzy garb and indulging in a little giggle juice at the office party, leaving you with a phone filled with disconcerting selfies and your head feeling like it’s full of tinsel. Julia talks us through what to wear to these joyous events while Andrew advises us on the tipple.

As the colder weather makes Gibraltar its new home, so comes the inevitable cacophony of coughing and onslaught of stuffy sinuses. We’ve got you covered – new to the magazine’s back pages are the on-duty chemist times (for when ‘sana sana colita de rana’ will no longer cut it) as well as a wintery tale to enjoy with your polvorón and tea.

Until next year, Buon Natale!