Everyone breathe a sigh of relief; we’re firmly closing the door on 2020. 

This year has been nothing short of apocalyptic. We kicked off with the Australian bush fires (and subsequent flooding) at the start of the year, followed by a plague of locusts in East Africa, protests and riots, the coronavirus… Brexit? Pah! We’ve been training for you.

It has been a year of fist bumping. Of stifling coughs. Doing awkward jazz hands as you step away from one another squealing ‘social distancing!’. Where masks are sold on every street corner, and where every sneeze is punctuated by a ‘NOT COVID!’. Who could have predicted such a thing? (Nostradamus, probably.)

Biblical events aside, it has also been a year of camaraderie; of slowing down and making a return to what’s truly important. We hope Gib Mag was successful in providing some consistency, connection, and a few much-needed smiles.

To get you in the festive spirit, we have a whole host of Christmassy features for you this month: Ever wondered how the Christmas we know and celebrate today came to be? Gianna’s dusted off the history books to chronicle how each of our traditions have evolved (p. 23). Speaking of traditions, Chris trots across the globe for a sneak peek at other cultures’ yuletide celebrations. Did you know in Japan, it’s custom to dine at KFC at Christmastime? A poultry excuse for a festive spread, if you ask me. Or what about Venezuela, where skating to Christmas mass is the norm? Not very conventional, but we’ll roll with it (p. 79).


I think we could all do with a healthy dose of body positivity over the holidays. Isobel is back with her Let’s Talk Real segment, this time eschewing the idea that we should conform to any body types other than our own. This body has got you through one of the strangest years yet – give it that last polvorón (p. 28).

Despite the lack of parties this year, we still have some festive fashion options for you, forgoing the traditional sequins and smart ties for cosy knits. Make that living room your catwalk (p. 82).

Stuck on what to get your loved ones this Christmas? Our beauty guru highlights a selection of some staple self-care favourites. When in doubt, anything Jo Malone (from SM Seruya at 2 Main St) will do – our cover inspo this month. If you’re feeling thrifty, Amanda has kindly provided us with templates for some fun DIY Christmas crafts! (p. 74)

That’s all from me; I’m going to wrap up 2020 in a neat bow, and throw it in the bin. See you in 2021!

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