Writing these Editor’s letters is a very interesting, sometimes cathartic, and often panic-inducing way to track the passage of time. Starting the year with ideas of health and renewal, moving on to all things romance, followed closely by Easter, with summer hot on its heels, transitioning into a clement autumn, we find ourselves here, December.

December is a month steeped in tradition, something the residents of Caleta would strongly agree with. Richard reveals the yuletide events the Caletenos have been putting on for many moons (p. 19).

It’s also a month for me to exercise my best skill: eating. We have some tongue-tantalising recipes for vegan Christmas stuffing and cranberry sauce that will have you appointed the second most popular person at the party (after Santa) (p. 82). On a slightly less vegan note, Peter regales us with the hilarious (and true!) tale of when he tried, and spectacularly failed, to serve goose for Christmas (p. 36). (I was rooting for the goose to be honest.)

Running out of ideas on what to wear for your umpteenth Christmas party? Julia, our reliable sartorial psychic, is back with her passion for fashion – and this time she’s covered it in glitter (p. 78). I (and my internal organs) are relieved to learn that skin-tight sequinned bandage dresses have a new contender in the forms of polished trousers and midi-skirts.

We had some lovely messages about our recent beauty feature, so we’re bringing it back! If you’re stuck for a secret Santa present, these festive gift sets will hit the candy cane right on the head (p. 62).

Maybe you just want to get away from it all this Christmas. And who can blame you? Chris points our sleigh north-east and directs the reindeer to Finland, complete with ski slopes, tobogganing, ice-dipping and ‘The Gibraltar of the North’ (p. 69).

Thank you, dear readers, for all your letters, phone calls, photographs, and continued loyalty to our community magazine. See you in the new year, where we have some more exciting ideas up our sleeves to share with you…

Buon Natale!