By Kerstin Andlaw
Executive, Transformation and Wellbeing Coach Founder of Auxilium CTC

Change and uncertainty is nothing new and is the constant which perhaps for the first time in over a decade we are fully aware of collectively.
Some see COVID-19 as a tragedy that we are all victims to and some see it as a catalyst for change, and opportunity to think outside the box, step-up as people, managers, leaders and employees and create a new normal. One cannot exist without the other and tragic as it is, an opportunity we do have.

The world has changed rapidly and people have adapted in lightning speed and with this has come an awareness of what is important, and what is valuable and desired. Note, that if you are one of the people or businesses that are not clear on what you want or desire, considering what you don’t desire can provide information about what you do want.
Whether this is with regards to your company or business, or related to your work or personal life it works exactly the same way.

For example, if your business is struggling to create new leads and business relationships in these remote and digital working environments because ‘its just not the way it’s done’ or ‘it doesn’t work as well’, you are stuck focusing on what you don’t want. Conversely, focusing on the opposite can create new leads through new digital engagement to remove pre-conceived limitations, which replaces it with innovation, creativity and possibilities.

“I’m convinced that one of the most helpful things we can do for people is to refuse to buy in to their inappropriately restrcitive views of their limitations.”
– Nathaniel Brandon

I am convinced that one of the most helpful things we can do for people is to refuse to buy into their inappropriately restrictive views of their limitations. – Nathaniel Brandon
The possibility to purposefully create and re-invent the way we work and live only exists if we are willing to focus on what we want, instead of focusing on what we don’t want.

Instead of focusing on the increase in COVID-19 cases that we don’t want, the collapse of the economy which we don’t want, the difficulty in finding new business that we wish was easier, pay attention to what you would like to create as a business and the services/products you offer, for your people and your personal life.

Start by answering the following questions:

> What is working well in your business right now? What is working well for your people and yourself right now?
> What do you appreciate, look forward to or want more of for your business, your people and yourself?
> What value does your business create for your clients and customers and how could you create more value?
> What do you value most? What do your people value?
> What could you create that is better than before COVID-19?

Now this is nothing radically new, but it steers our focus towards change and transformation that is effortless as we are looking in the direction of potential and possibility.

It is equally important to realise that we could attribute the opportunity for radical positive change to COVID-19, which seems a nice way to shift the perspective to view it as a positive without dismissing the tragedy it also is.

However, that would mean that we are missing the point.

The opportunity for radical and positive change is not new with the arrival of a pandemic and has always existed and continues to exist. It would be a disservice to humanities potential if we would believe this illusion.

We didn’t need COVID-19 to change, to think outside the box, to transform the way we work over night and to step up as people, as managers and as leaders. However, it has been a catalyst for change on a collective level. The potential for radical and effortless change exists constantly and only depends on where we place our focus and attention to create what we want.

Therefore the only question is; what are you going to choose? Will you continue to focus on what you don’t want and are afraid of, or are you going to purposefully re-invent and create a new future for your business, your people and yourself?

If this has sparked something positive in you, I will be delivering a webinar ‘Creating new Futures’ in June. Please get in contact to reserve your place.

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