Hannah Pilcher
Director of Operations (GFSC)

Hannah Pilcher is Director of Operations at the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) and a mum to two small children.

“This is my tenth year at the GFSC and I’m very proud to work for and help lead an organisation that has always supported women in the workplace and provides flexible working patterns for parents and carers.

I recently read somewhere that ‘women are expected to go to work as if they do not have children, and have children as if they don’t go to work’.

In order to have a successful career and a healthy family life I believe you need two things: a flexible employer with a great team, and a strong support network outside of the work space. I’m very fortunate to have both and I wouldn’t be able to manage all my priorities without my husband, family, teachers and the GFSC.

My twenties taught me that it is ok to ask for help, whether it be at work or at home. It takes a village to raise a child and my ‘nearest and dearest’ support network to help me balance work and play!”


Karima Ben Rahmoun
Secretarial Assistant to the CEO (Gibtelecom)

Karima Ben Rahmoun is a multi-lingual Gibraltarian Muslim woman of Moroccan origin, a wife, and a proud mother of one.

“Having completed a psychology degree at the University of Plymouth I decided to pursue a career in England, where I was employed at Airbus UK. After five years of living in the UK working in the logistics field, I was missing family back home and felt it was time to move back and see what life had in store for me on the Rock.

The summer of 2013 was when I first applied to my current role, and six years later I am still going strong as Secretarial Assistant to the CEO. This role involves providing extensive administrative support to the senior management, including event organising; diary planning; travel arrangements; record keeping, as well as other more intensive duties. I believe a certain kind of drive and determination is of essence in making a difference in such a demanding role: self-motivation is key!

In a world dominated by the opposite sex, women have had to make their own way in the world by standing strong, united and fighting for what they believe in. A strong woman is two things: a believer and a fighter. Strong women believe in whatever it is they choose to believe in by letting that faith guide them into taking the right steps and also into fighting for rights they should never have to fight for in the first place!”


Marlene Hassan
Politician and Founder of Together Gibraltar

Marlene Hassan Nahon grew up at the epicentre of frontline political life. She has been an Opposition member of the Gibraltar Parliament since 2015, and is a mum of four, as well as a History of Art and Architecture graduate with a Post Graduate diploma in Journalism.

“I recently launched a new political party, ‘Together Gibraltar’. It is the first time in Gibraltar’s democratic history where a party has a female leader with representation in Parliament. I am both proud and ashamed of this reality; proud because of course, it is about time that more women take on a frontline political role and provide a more balanced gender representation in Parliament, and ashamed that this hadn’t already happened till the year 2018 and that there are currently only two women within the seventeen members in our Parliament.  I believe that female representation is crucial for a fair and just society given that our understanding and management of topics and issues derives from a naturally different perspective to our male counterparts.

I initially joined the political sphere because of my passion for public service and social justice. For me, being a politician means that I can help to shape and develop our society into the future, and that is something that fulfils me and gives me a real sense of purpose.  I have three daughters and one son, and it is crucial for me to leave them with a lasting impression of what it means to challenge the status quo and contribute to your society, particularly by helping the vulnerable and those in need, to have the right framework for a better future.”


Nuria Harjani
European Business Development Manager (Intercash)

Nuria Harjani has specialised in business development and sales projects over the last eight years, and is currently the European Business Development Manager at Intercash.

“Progressing from selling arts and crafts to neighbours at just seven years old, to working in a fast-paced sales environment in the family business, to being heavily involved in business development and advisory in the Fintech and Finance industries, I now have extensive experience in my career to date and understand what it takes to be successful in the sales world.

I’m passionate about what I do, and believe my talent lies in instilling confidence in the consumer whilst making them thrive along-side my enthusiasm. There is no limit to what young women in our community can accomplish.

In order to be a strong woman, I believe you have to empower and encourage one another, be it through struggles or successes, and drive each other to greatness. One must never doubt that they are valuable, phenomenally powerful, and deserving of every opportunity in the world to pursue their dreams.”

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