Controls at Spain’s Frontiers


Picardo: “Frontier Restrictions Are Proportional, Not Political, And Will Not Likely Affect Workers Or Goods Coming Into Gibraltar: This Is About Internal Schengen Borders”

Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar notes the statement from the Spanish Minister of the Interior, Snr Fernando Grande Marlaska, in relation to the re-introduction of controls at Spain’s internal Schengen frontiers, that is to say, Spain’s frontiers with Portugal and France.

The Spanish State of Emergency has already resulted in frontier crossing being permitted only for those who are returning residents of Spain, cross frontier workers and those requiring to travel for reasons of force majeur.

The restrictions being re-introduced at Spain’s internal Schengen frontiers will not have any additional affect on the movement of people or goods at the frontier with Gibraltar.

The Government is satisfied that these measures do not apply to Gibraltar and are therefore not in any way politically motivated against Gibraltar.

The measures are a development applied to Spain’s borders of the restrictions on movement applicable throughout the geography of Spain.

The Chief Minister of Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, said: “I am satisfied that the measures being adopted are not applicable to our frontier and are not therefore politically motivated against us. They are the application to Spain’s existing internal Schengen frontiers of what is already applicable throughout the territory of Spain to all Spanish citizens already and at our frontier. We have had it confirmed that workers needing to come across thefrontierwillbeabletodoso. Weadvisethemtohavecopiesoftheiremploymentcontracts with them if possible. Additionally, we are also satisfied that there will be no effect on the supply of goods across the frontier for our supermarkets and grocers and, most importantly, for our Health Authority.”

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